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Why People Die From Swine Flu?

has become a threat to people all around the world. Older people, babies and people who are already sick with things such as cancer, immune system problems, heart disease and lung problems are the ones who make up the high risk group. These are some of the reasons .

Why People Die From Swine Flu

Seeking Treatment Too Late

Many people have died because they didn’t seek treatment as soon as the swine flu symptoms appeared. They waited too long for the medicine to be able to help them.

Weakened Immune System

One reason people die from swine flu is because their immune system was already compromised by some other illness, poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise.


One of the complications of swine flu is pneumonia. The lungs fill up with fluid and the person dies because he or she can’t breathe.

Respiratory Failure

The body isn’t able to maintain the normal ranges for the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide causing inadequate gas exchange in the respiratory system.


Many people in the high risk group die from dehydration caused by excessive vomiting and diarrhea.

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing health conditions are one of the reasons why people die from swine flu. Asthma, obesity, lung problems and heart problems can cause complications.

When a person gets swine flu, it can cause chronic conditions to get worse. Any of these problems can cause severe complications of the human swine flu, while progressing rapidly. The immune system can’t fight it off and the person dies. If you begin experiencing swine flu symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

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