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What Are the Top Liver Detox Diets?

Liver detox diets have become more popular as liver health facts become more widely known. Your liver is a crucial organ that performs more than two hundred different jobs in your body, and liver detoxification can help with improved function and efficiency of these operations. Over time this organ can become overworked, especially if you have bad habits like drinking, smoking, or using recreational drugs. When this happens liver problems and diseases can occur. The Master Cleanse, also called the Lemonade diet, is one of the popular liver detox diets. This diet involves using only water, fresh lemon juice, real maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, as well as fasting from all foods during the regimen. This diet can be followed for up to thirty days, depending on your specific circumstances.

Liver Detox Diets

Liver detox diets can include liver detox herbs, like milk thistle and dandelion, or they can include other ingredients and methods. The Liver Cleansing Diet is another popular option. With this detox plan you remove many hard to digest and processed foods, and instead focus on fruits and vegetables, fish, water, beans and nuts, and fresh fruit juices. The Raw Food Diet is another popular diet for liver detox. With this choice you must eat at least seventy five percent of your food intake as raw and unprocessed foods. This eliminates many toxins and increases the enzymes available to help with digestion. Many of these enzymes are destroyed by cooking or processing, so raw foods which are uncooked have more of these helping substances and make it easier on your liver.

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