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3 Natural Ways to Protect Your Liver

You liver is not only the second largest organ in your body, it one of the most essential. The primary job of the liver is to filter the blood in your digestive track. Your liver metabolizes nutrients in the blood and also helps your body detoxify. With so many toxins in the foods we eat and the life choices we make, caring for your liver is essential. Below are a few important ways to help protect your liver and ensure good health.

3 Natural Ways to Protect Your Liver

1) Eat Organic
Since your liver has to filter the food we eat, the less pesticides and chemicals you consume the better. You liver will be healthier since you are not bombarding it with toxins. Organic foods are free from genetically modified organisms as well as pesticides and antibiotics.

2) Limit Drugs and Alcohol
Not just street drugs, all drugs. Even something like Tylenol can be harmful to your liver if it is taken regularly. Tylenol has been shown in to raise liver enzymes to more than three times the normal limit. The more medicine your liver has to metabolize the more stress it ensures. The same goes for alcohol. Excess drinking has been shown to cause liver cirrhosis amongst other health risks.

3) Detox

Detoxing your liver and your colon are extremely important. The detox process cleans out the toxins that are trapped in your liver. This will help preserve the health of your liver over the long-term and improve its natural ability to detoxify your blood.

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