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What Are the Top 5 Natural Immune System Boosters for Children?

1. Sleep
Sleep is one of the best natural immune system boosters for children of all ages. Sleep is the time when cell and tissues are being repaired, and the body regenerates. A lack of sleep has been proven to cause a decline in the immune system, and this means your child can not fight off pathogens and diseases as effectively.

Natural Immune System Boosters For Children

2. Good Nutrition
Good nutrition is one of the most effective natural immune system boosters, and this includes a diet that has a wide variety of healthy choices in many different colors and food groups. A great diet must include all the nutrients that your child’s immune system needs for the best functioning and health.

3. Regular Exercises
Exercises have been shown to act as a natural immune system booster, and this is an activity that many children neglect. Regular exercise increases the number of the cells that your child will produce. Don’t let your child be a couch potato, encourage regular activity for great health.

4. Water
One of the natural immune system boosters for children that may surprise you is water. A common problem with children is a lack of this fluid that leads to hydration, and a lowered immune system. In addition this causes the nasal passages and mucous membranes of your child to dry out, so that they can not trap pathogens and prevent infections.

5. Minimize Stress And Schedule Relaxation Time
Relaxation is one of the natural immune system boosters for children. Stress will cause your child’s immune system to become less efficient, and as a result can cause your child to get sick. Minimize their stress as much as possible, and ensure your child has plenty of relaxation time.

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