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What Are the Top 5 Elderly Mental Health Issues?

are some that are too often overlooked, and mental health concerns with aging affects a large percentage of seniors. The top five are:

Elderly Mental Health Issues

Depression- Depression is very common among the elderly, and those aged sixty five years old or older have double the depression rate of younger individuals. The loss of friends and loved ones, together with the increasing physical limitations of aging can cause depression to become severe.

Alzheimer’s Disease- Alzheimer’s disease is a big issue with , more so than with women. When men develop this condition it normally occurs earlier, progresses faster, and can become very troublesome and severe. Men are usually medicated and sedated at higher rates because of increased violence and antisocial behavior with this condition in the final stages.

Dementia- Dementia is a very real concern for the elderly. As they age, their memory starts to slide, and dementia can occur. This can range from very mild to very severe, and can make it impossible for the senior to live independently and stay safe.

Anxiety- Anxiety is one of the biggest elderly mental health issues. As seniors age they may become more anxious over the future, and this can lead to more stress and problems with nervousness and anxiety. This mental health issue affects women more than men. A common treatment may be mild sedatives or tranquilizers, but these can be habit forming and should be used with caution.

Suicide- Suicide is a very big concern with the elderly and mental health issues. By the age of eighty five, suicidal thoughts and rates for the elderly jump significantly. Partly it may be caused by physical problems and limitations, and partly may be contributed by loneliness.

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