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Using Natural Pain Relievers

Natural Pain Relievers

When you’re in pain, your first tendency may be to rush to the medicine cabinet for some product like aspirin or ibuprofen. If your pain is chronic, your physician might even have to write you a prescription for stronger painkillers. What you may not know is that there are alternatives to eliminating that pain. Below are some of the so-called natural pain relievers you should try before risking addiction and other serious side effects associated with artificial pain medication.

Acute Muscle or Arthritis Pain

If you’ve pulled a muscle or you’re suffering from a temporary arthritic flare-up, there is a good natural remedy that you can use to quell the pain: Capsaicin. Capsaicin is the ingredient that gives pepper their spicy heat. If you think about the effects that heat has on your mouth, it’s no surprise that it can do some amazing things with pain by actually making nerve reception in the skin less sensitive.

Some evidence suggests Capsaicin may also be useful for headache pain. You can currently purchase topical creams at the local drug store which are made from this active pepper ingredient.

Pain Prevention

If you’re worried about pain and soreness after athletics or strenuous training, you might want to take some preventative measures by supplementing your diet with two increasingly popular nutrients known as Glucosamine and Chondroitin. When taken together, they improve the body’s ability to fight off serious injuries or other pain-causing problems associated with your joins and cartilage.

Glucosamine actually encourages the growth of new cartilage while simultaneously easing the pain in your joints. Chondroitin increases the amount of fluid found in your cartilage which helps make movements more lubricated and less stressful on the body. However, these nutrients is not taken exclusively for pain relief. They are taken daily as dietary supplements.

Chronic Arthritis Pain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you have ongoing arthritic pain, such as that caused by rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis, you may want use a supplement known as Zyflamend. This supplement includes a number of different herbs like ginger and turmeric, which are known to help reduce inflammation in the body. Because many of the capsules, which can be purchased at health food stores and alternative health shops, include caffeine, you don’t want to take them before going to bed. Instead, you should only take two or three of the pills each day.

Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain like millions of other Americans, one way you may be able to reduce your dependence on over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers is fish oil supplements. Research has shown that about two-thirds of patients who suffered from back pain in part of a recent study were able to completely give up their prescription pain killers after taking fish oil every day for ten weeks. Take about 4,000 mg of fish oil every day to reduce your pain, but talk to your physician first because, in some cases, he or she might even recommend doses of up to double that amount.

Another benefit of taking fish oil is that it can help improve your heart health.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.