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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

San West, Inc. (OB:SNWT)

San West Inc. is off to a strong start this week up 14.80% in mid-day trading. San West operates leading motor sports site www.CountryImports.com and has made two positive announcements. On Friday they announced the launch of their fuel efficient off-road vehicles. With gas prices soaring, this news was well received by investors. The stock steadily climbed all week trading at $0.015 last Monday and a week later is at $0.03! Today San West announced that it will report a 103% increase in sales from Q1 2010 to Q1 2011. Jesse Gonzales, President of CountryImports.com, stated, “We’ve become one of the strongest online distributors in the motor sports world by every conceivable metric including sales, web traffic, and customer satisfaction and most importantly, our ability to improve the shopping experience…” With five years under their belt, www.CountryImports.com has become increasingly optimized for the industry and the company expects further growth throughout the year.

MedClean Technologies Inc. (OB:MCLN)

While it has almost been a week since MedClean organized a successful distributor meeting, there stock has been on a run the past couple days. MedClean was up Friday and is now currently trading up 10.17% on a volume of 12,578,900 shares. As regulated medical waste treatment and disposal professionals, MedClean outlined their distribution program and focused on products and promotions that can drive sales. With 35 attendees from about 10 different distributors, MedClean strengthened business relationships and pleased investors. Once of the distributors, Brett Espicha, CEO of Barnett Medical Systems stated, “MedClean has developed and introduced a wide range of programs that will help the distributors see the systems in the marketplace. These programs…will help us expand our business and our relationship with MedClean in 2011.” No news was released today but there is a chance we could be reading some positive news and new sales and agreements in the future.

3DIcon Corporation (OB:TDCP)

After steadily building steam through last week’s trading 3Icon got crushed Friday afternoon. 3DIcon announced last Wednesday that they signed a Facilities Use Agreement with Oklahoma State University-Tulsa’s Helmerich Research Center for their patented 3D projection technology. The resources at the Helmerich Research Center will facilitate further research and development. The stock spiked throughout the day Wednesday and Thursday on this news. While no further statement was announced Friday, the stock quickly corrected and closed at $0.053, below Tuesday’s close at $0.058. Despite this wild ride, investors seem to be more in sync with the company this morning. 3DIcon is up 10.44% in mid-day trading at $0.064. Procuring world-class resources for their innovative technology is a giant step toward stronger sales and a positive future for the company.


The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.