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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Royal Energy Resources, Inc. (OTCBB: ROYE)

Royal Energy Resources, Inc., and energy company that focuses on oil and gas leases, had an outstanding day yesterday posting a one day rise of 340%! While the fundamentals of Royal Energy Resources is far from strong, they announced yesterday that they have plans to obtain drilling permits for horizontal wells with a 4% overriding interest in 300 acres in Natrona County, Wyoming. This morning the company announced another plan for mineral rights with a 5% overriding royalty interest in 75 acres in Westin County, Wyoming. With the growth of acquisition rights over the past couple days; traders are optimistic about Royal Energy Resources. With further exploration into other international and domestic markets, these permits will continue to raise the stock price and add millions to the
company’s net worth.

Kunekt Corporation (PINK:KNKT)

Kunekt Corporation, a smart phone and tablet manufacturer that utilizes Google’s Android mobile operating system, has reported plenty of positive news over the past week. On Thursday February 24 Kunekt announced that they opened a sales office in Shenzhenm China and yesterday they announced that they were adding two new executives to their business advisory board. Being based in China gives Kunekt a huge advantage for further growth. Yesterday they were trading at nearly double their trading volume. So far today there has been a bit of a sell-off so now is the time to buy so you can make money on the upside after this short correction to yesterday’s news. With worldwide growth in smartphones and tablets, not to mention Google’s Android operating system, this will be a company to watch.

Guard Dog, Inc. (PINK:GRDO)

Guard Dog, Inc., which specializes in identity protection, is having an amazing day with a 126.32% increase in mid-day trading. While the trading volume is down today there is a huge demand to buy this stock. Guard Dog, Inc. announced this morning they have issued a letter of intent to complete their corporate merger. Their press release explains that the finalization of the merger “requires corporate restructuring including changes to Guard Dog Inc’s upper management, the transferring of Guard Dog Inc’s controlling interest, corporate assets, as well as the relocation of Guard Dog Inc’s corporate office.”

All of these changes are in preparation to upgrade the company from the pink sheets. The merger will also spark investment growth and increased revenue and profits for Guard Dog Inc. The merger is set to be completed by mid-March so now is the time to buy as the merger becomes closer to a reality.

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