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Top 5 Unusual Causes of Chest Rash – Updated Article With Extra Information on Skin Rash on Chest.

A skin rash on your chest means that you have eruptions on the skin in the chest area in the form of red patches and spots. Sometimes the reasons for these rashes are not something you would ever think of. Below we have summarized are 5 possible chest rashes causes.

1. Anxiety. This is probably the most unusual chest rash cause, but believe it or not, anxiety and stress may even cause full body rashes! Your body is generally quite responsive to the emotions you are going through, and a rash on any part of the body may be an indication that you are anxious or stressed out.

2. Allergies. You may have an allergic reaction to something that will cause you to have a skin rash on your chest, which may eventually develop into a full body rash. These allergies may be caused by insect bites, certain medicines, foods, metals, dyes, etc. Even things as common as hand soap and laundry detergent have caused rashes in some because they are allergic to some chemicals in them. Other possible allergens include body soaps, dust, and certain fabrics. To find out for sure what is causing your rash, you can have an allergy test done.

3. Fungal Infections. One common specific type of fungal infections, ringworm, may be responsible for your chest rash. Ringworm usually comes in an oval or circular shape. If you think you have ringworm, you should immediately consult your physician before you do anything else.

4. Vaccinations. This one is related to chest rash allergies. While for some people, vaccinations prevent certain diseases, for others they end up causing a chest rash, or even a full body one! But this may not necessarily be an allergic reaction; rather, it is a general reaction to the type of vaccine.

5. Pityriasis Rosea. This is type of skin irritation similar to discoid eczema or psoriasis. It is generally not very harmful, but it does make you develop flaky patches of red or pink skin that are oval shaped. Pityriasis Rosea looks worse than it is in reality. This rash may spread after 20 days and it may look like acne. There is no known treatment for Pityriasis Rosea, but it only last for a few weeks in general. Very few cases are known to have lasted longer than that.

There may be other causes for chest rashes, as well as general rashes like dermatitis, heat rash, chicken pox, measles, melanoma, and dry skin. Rashes should not just be dismissed and before you take any medicines of try to treat it yourself, you should definitely consult a physician. It may be necessary to have some tests done to determine exactly what is causing the rash.

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    Nola Says:
    Anxiety and allergies are the two things that cause rashes on me. I usually soothe them by taking a warm oatmeal bath.