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Top 10 ways to cure itchy rash

Top 10 Ways To Cure Itchy Rash

  • Itching an itchy red rash can cause it to spread
  • Natural cure for itchy skin rashes can be a great alternative to costly
  • Many remedies for itchy rashes or a body rash can be made from products purchased as a local store

When it comes to having an itchy rash, no one ever wants to deal with it! In this article, we will explore some ways to cure itchy rash and definitely help you keep your itchy rash at bay, no matter how bad it is! Just remember, these are all natural methods but if the itchy rash does continue, you may want to consult your doctor.


1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not just for burns anymore! This beautiful plant is definitely one of the best ways to cure itchy rash and get rid of all sorts of skin itchy rashes!


2. St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is another natural substance that is not only used for treating depression or anxiety anymore, it can also be used to moisturize and revitalize the skin, ridding it of itchy rash!


3. Witch Hazel

One of the main itchy rash causes is heat, these rashes are known as heat rashes and some witch hazel can take care of this itchy rash! Simply brew yourself some witch hazel, strain it and the heat will no longer be one of the main itchy rash causes for you!


4. Chamomile

Chamomile when used in its essential oil form has anti-inflammatory properties inside of it that can cure all sorts of rashes, especially those that are itchy. Chamomile is known as a calming agent for our nerves, it works exactly the same when we use it on our skin as an essential oil!


5. Oatmeal Bath

Soaking in an oatmeal bath is definitely something that you should do when you have an itchy rash. Oatmeal is another calming agent and it will definitely help calm your itchiness down quite a bit.


6. Olive Oil

Keeping your skin moisturized is definitely something that you should be doing and adding olive oil to any rash can definitely help your body.


7. Baking Powder

Baking powder is another great cure for itchy rashes, not only is baking powder to be used in your bathtub, but you can also make a small paste out of it and put that on the infected area.


8. Ice Bath

Using ice is a fantastic way to beat an itchy rash. It doesn’t matter if you use an ice pack or you simply soak the infected area in an ice bath. It is a known fact that numbing the infect area with ice is the best way to gain some relieve from itching.


9. Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is another great way to reduce itchy and infected skin. Itchy rashes can not only cause discomfort for you but they can also be damaging to your skin if you itch your flesh too much, so calamine lotion is a great way to stop the itching!


10. Pine Tar Soap

Pine tar soap is definitely one of the best ways to cut your itching down. Lather it up in the shower with some warm water and you should have no problems at all with any itchy skin! So now that you have all of these tips and tricks to beat your itchy rash, use them! They are all natural and are definitely the best way to go when you have an itchy skin rash!

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Rae Says:
    This is a lot of suggestions all at once! Has anyone tried these? Which ones work best - cause I'm not gonna go out and buy all of these now, especially the unusual ones. What about the good old aloe vera - the jack of all trades healing anything - how does it rate compared to the others?