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Treating Itchy Swollen Skin Around the Eyes

Dr Schultz at DermTV.com brings a fairly astounding answer to the question of why some women suffer from itchy swollen eyes. The women that suffer from itchy swollen eyes know that this can create a complete change of appearance overnight, causing pain, irritation and loss of work. The change in appearance is so devastating and embarrassing that many women simply don’t leave their home until it goes away. This particular situation is more specific to women and you will be surprised at the reason. Dr. Schultz offers an easy way to recognize the root of the problem and a way to completely remove the disorder. There are other medical conditions that can cause itchy swollen skin around the eyes, so if the situation persists, seek advice from your physician.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayk14HfP7Oc

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