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5 More Ways to Prevent Fungus Rash and Athlete’s Foot

In previous articles we looked at numerous anti fungal remedies for fungus rash and athletes foot. Whether you use creams, tea tree oil, or any of the options below, each solution has proven to work. The preventitive mesures below offer precautions for athletes foot and other varieties of fungal rashes.

1.Reduce Sugar

Baked products and sweet treats contain a high level of yeast which stimulates fungus. Avoid processed foods as well as soda, candy and alcohol. Make sure to eat a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables. One food you do want to add to your diet is Garlic. Since garlic has anti-fungal properties it will prevent the onset of fungal rash and athletes foot.

2.Keep Your Feet Dry

Moisture is yeast’s best friend. Always make sure you dry your feet and use antiperspirant or powder to keep your feet dry throughout the day. Also ensure that your shoes and sandals are clean and dry. Keeping clean dry feet is one of the best defenses against athletes foot.

3.Avoid Deodorant Soaps

If you are one of the people that is prone to fungus rash than you want to avoid fragrant soaps.
While their scents may seem pleasing, the fragrances irritate sensitive skin. Keep in mind that you also want to have fragrant free laundry detergent since the residue from the soap can stay on clothes and further irritate the skin. Choose soaps such as Dove which are designed for sensitive skin.

4.Clean Your Socks and Towels

We all know the mildew smell when towels do not dry properly. Now think about what happens you take that towel and use it to wipe your feet. Make sure to always use clean dry towels and your feet when you get out of the shower. The last think you want to do is rub bacteria back onto to your feet after you just cleaned them. The same goes for socks. If you have sweaty feet, the last thing you want it to put sweaty dirty socks on your feet. It just encourages fungus growth so make sure you wear clean dry socks everyday.

5.Clean Your Shower

Dirt and grime easily builds in your shower, especially if you live an active lifestyle. Standing in the dirty shower base daily will spread fungus on to your feet. This is especially important if you use public showers. In fact, it is advised to wear shower shoes if you are going to shower in public facilities so your feet do not touch the floor at all.

The one thing that all these preventative measures have in common is proper hygene. If you keep your feet, body, and any facility they may come in contact with clean and dry then you are sure to limit your exposure to fungus rash and athletes foot. If you do happen to contract a rash, follow the steps in the previous article for effective cures.

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The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.