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Top 10 Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners – Updated Article With Extra Information on Harmful Sweeteners

It is difficult but extremely important to curb your sugar cravings for improving your health. There is a huge misconception about artificial sweeteners. A lot of people think that by using these sweeteners they can not only satisfy their sweet tooth but also minimize the hazards of high intake of sugar. Unfortunately they are not aware of the dangers that they can suffer from the use of these harmful artificial sweeteners. The top ten dangers of these life threatening artificial sweeteners are given below:

Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

According to the research, regular use of these artificial sweeteners can result in blood or brain cancer. This is considered one of the biggest risks of these sweeteners, so their consumption should be as limited as possible.

Depression, bipolar disorder and panic attacks:
The use of artificial sweeteners can create severe conditions of depression and panic attacks. Furthermore, it can also trigger bipolar disease. A person suffering from bipolar disease goes through extreme mood swings. Their immense levels of depression and elevation can only be controlled through medicine. Thus, to avoid such extreme discomfort, you should completely stop taking these artificial sweeteners or at least decrease their intake.

Persistent Headaches:
The consumption of fake sugar in foods and drinks can also lead to persistent headaches, which in some serious conditions can get worse and turn into migraines.

Weight Gain:
Many people think that artificial sweeteners make them lose weight. In fact, they are hugely mistaken, because these sweeteners not only don’t them to lose weight but instead are actually one of the leading causes of obesity! It has been observed that people who use these sweeteners gain weight very rapidly. So, if you’re weight conscious, stay miles away from these sweeteners!

Allergic Reactions:
Artificial sweeteners can trigger allergic reactions too. These may include itchy or watery eyes, redness or swelling of the skin, rashes, sneezing, and stuffy or runny nose.

Birth Defects Or Infertility:
Studies show that the use of these harmful sweeteners has also led to infertility or birth defects in men. They contain such ingredients which slow down the male reproductive system.

Blurred Vision And Hearing Loss:
Most of these artificial sweeteners are very misleading. They tend to portray that there are no side effects of using them. However, they may also lead to blurred vision and hearing loss as they increase your blood sugar levels.

Alzheimer’s Disease:
Experts have proven that excessive use of artificial sweeteners can also result in Alzheimer’s disease. In other words, people who use ample amounts of artificial sweeteners can suffer from memory loss.

Cell Damage:
Along with many other dangers, artificial sweeteners are greatly damaging for cells as well. Therefore, their consumption should be very restricted.

Nervous System:
These are very damaging for the nervous system as well. Regular use can lead to nervous breakdowns, which can be fatal.

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8 Responses to “Top 10 Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners – Updated Article With Extra Information on Harmful Sweeteners”

  1. 1
    joe Says:
    Splenda is not a natural product and was accidentally discovered while making pesticides.
  2. 2
    Doug P. Says:
    This was interesting?
  3. 3
    A. van Tol Says:
    This is all on pretty shaky ground, most 'conclusions' of the 'dangers' that are presented as facts, are based on inconclusive evidence and conflicting research. Mentioning cancer as a possible side effect is way over the top and could scare people back to the use sugar, who else would benefit substantially from the use of artificial sweeteners. These 10 'dangers' have not been proven and there's nothing scientific about what's being presented in this article!
  4. 4
    Shannon Says:
    This really comes as no surprise. White refined sugar is already bad as it is. I would recommend using muscovado sugar or coco palm sugar as substitute if sweetening is really necessary. Our tongues have just been accustomed to having sugar but in truth we can live almost without it. Please teach your children at an early age to develop an aversion to sweets.
  5. 5
    bruce Says:
    Splenda is not natural..it is altered on an atomic level..it's synthetic. Aspertame is one of the most poisonous substances in our food supply (out of many)...it is an excitotoxin..it over-stimulates brain and nerve cells to death, kind of explodes them. it passes through the blood-brain barrier...basically it goes into your brain and kills part of it. and it's kind of addictive too, because that "over-stimulation" is kind of a buzz...you know, like doing speed or other stimulants, but i don't think even cocaine or meth kills your brain cells like Aspartame does... in addition, Aspartame causes a huge laundry list of health problems. also, when it is heated above about 85F, like if you cook with it, or just leave your Diet Coke in the sun, it turns to formaldahyde, which is also poisonous. they say the troops in Iraq routinely drink Diet Coke that's been over heated like that in the Iraq sun... the FDA is a criminal organization for allowing this...and they didn't at first..for many years they didn't allow Aspartame....i recommend reading the history of the approval process..you will see some familiar names from the Bush administration in there, and some familiar heavy handed politics. kinda sad that millions of people are being brain damaged into premature senility for the profit of a ffew companies. it is implicated in Alzheimer's Disease...basically all those kind of things are just brain damage, probably from foods and other ingested toxins that surround us these days. most "modern illnesses" can be traced back to modern chemicals and pollution that are in the food and environment now.
  6. 6
    New Funny Song Parodies Lyrics Says:
    this is very concerning. i didn't realize that artificial sweetners could lead to so many problems.but it's sort of hard toget away from them. mainly because they are in just about every we eat.
  7. 7
    profnutralegacy Says:
    Dear Andrew, Despite Splenda supposedly being the healthiest of all known sugar substitutes, it does have its drawbacks, too. Its side effects are not as threatening like cancer or depression, but overusing Splenda might cause unwanted intestinal gas problem and increased appetite that might end up with consuming unwanted calories. In other words, everything, and artificial sweeteners are not an exception, requires a moderate rate of use. With Regards, Prof. Nutralegacy
  8. 8
    Andrew Says:
    Should Splenda really be included in this list? It's supposedly made with real sugar make it less artificial than the others.