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Tips to Reverse Tooth Decay

Is it possible to reverse tooth decay? This question is important, because tooth decay in children and adults is becoming more common, and baby bottle tooth decay can lead to permanently damaged teeth. Fluoride can help reverse tooth decay up to a certain point, so using a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash is recommended after a certain age, but infants can not usually use these products. The best tip to keep your teeth healthy is a good diet that is full of nutrients but low in sugar, and good dental hygiene. Before cavities ever appear on the surface the tooth has started to break down, and regular brushing and flossing will prevent this. If you have an infant, take a clean moistened cloth or an infant toothbrush and gently clean each tooth present.

Reverse Tooth Decay

A dentist may be needed to reverse tooth decay if the situation leads to cavities. Tooth decay in children and baby bottle tooth decay in infants is caused by sugar. When you put your baby or child to bed with a bottle, make sure it only has water in it. Get your child into the habit of cleaning their teeth in the morning and before bed. Regular dental checkups are also important, because a dentist may be able to spot trouble areas and reverse tooth decay before the problem gets worse. A healthy diet with plenty of calcium and vitamin D is important as well, so that strong teeth develop. For infants make sure to use only recommended for babies, because your infant can not spit or follow directions.

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