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The Beauty Miracle of Oats: More than Just Oatmeal

My grandmother made oatmeal one of our comfort foods. As children, we were mesmerized while she cooked the oatmeal and then added butter, fresh cream (delivered from the dairy to her house) and then a combination of brown sugar and honey. Combined with warm toast and gentle melted butter, my sister and I were in heaven at each breakfast time. Little did we know that while the breakfast may have been high in the fat category, it was actually helping in other ways that we were not aware of.


Oats are a grassy plant that have a certain grace when blowing in the field. They were originally a wild grain, found in abundance in many places around the world. Our ancestors harvested the various forms of oats and found that they could not only be used in a multitude of foods, but have many health benefits. The most prevalent health attribute of oats (and even oatmeal) is the cholesterol lowering cardiovascular benefits. Oats are also an excellent source of protein, calcium, vitamins, potassium, magnesium and iron and assist in building health bones and teeth. The vitamin E traces, along with manganese, calcium, zinc, and copper bring increased levels of energy and the reduction of stress. In today’s world, it is a rarity to find so many benefits in one element.

Oats bring a plethora of fiber as well as the ability to regulate the hormones. This balances the digestive tract and in some research, oats are even believed to act in the prevention of cancer. Oats have been used throughout the ages for external purposes, most notably to draw toxins out of the skin and bring a healthy soft glow.

So you see, oats in its various forms can bring health benefits to your inner and outer self. Mother Nature really did create a little miracle in oats.

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