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Anti Wrinkle Exercises for Your Face

Anti Wrinkle Exercises

  • effects of anti wrinkle exercises are limited due to the fact that most people use their facial muscles often throughout the day
  • Wrinkles are most commonly caused by sun damaged skin, not poor muscle tone
  • Instead of performing exercises that concentrate on the muscles of the face as an anti wrinkle skin care method, doctors suggest full body workouts
  • Cosmeceuticals are among other effective aging skin treatments

The ultimate dream for most of us is to age gracefully, naturally, thus avoiding the possibility of turning to Botox injections or aesthetic plastic surgery just to make us look young. Unfortunately, most of us will never achieve that dream, at least not without some type of help. One of the newest ideas out there now for keeping our skin looking vibrant, young, and beautiful is the concept of anti-wrinkle exercises. The question is, do they work, and if so, which ones can you start doing today?

The Bottom Line on Anti-Wrinkle Exercises

According to St. John Health, one of the largest medical facilities in Michigan, the idea that some anti-wrinkle exercises exist, which can tighten and tone facial muscles in order to prevent the development of wrinkles, is largely untrue. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why this is the case.

For one, most of our wrinkles are caused by sun damage, not by poor muscle tone. Some dermatologists now believe that almost three-fourths of all skin damage caused by the sun is caused prior to the time we turn 18. Another cause of wrinkles is repeated facial gestures and movements, according to St. John Health. WebMD.com and the American Academy of Dermatology both recommend sleeping on your back so you don’t run the risk of sleep lines that can occur and won’t vanish when you wake up in the morning.

St. John Health further explains that most of our facial muscles are used so frequently in our day to day activities that further exercise won’t do anything to tone them any more.

Other Anti-Wrinkle Advice

If anti-wrinkle exercises won’t do anything, the question becomes, what will work for wrinkle reduction? St. John Health suggests doing full-body exercises. These exercises will help improve blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, which will keep facial skin looking younger and healthier.

Even more important to preventing wrinkles is to understand the serious risks associated with sun damage. According to the British Association of Dermatologists, more than 50 percent of people living in England think a tan is attractive, and about the same number of people have been using tanning beds since their mid-teens to early 20s. Learning how to appropriately apply sunscreen and changing our perception of tanning as a symbol of beauty is important if we want real anti-wrinkle assistance.

You may also be tempted to use various anti-wrinkle products on your skin. Cosmeceuticals are examples of some of these products that are becoming popular. They contain ingredients such as retinal, hydroxy acid and copper peptides. These ingredients, when present in large enough concentrations, can change overall skin quality, according to the Mayo Clinic. They may be able to reduce the risk of further sun damaged skin consequences, but they are no substitute for taking sun damage precautions.

Finally, WebMD.com offers other anti-wrinkle recommendations, including not smoking and using moisturizers on your skin. Eating more soy, using topical vitamin C on your skin, and eating more fish can all help impact the overall appearance of your skin.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

5 Responses to “Anti Wrinkle Exercises for Your Face”

  1. 1
    Tammy Says:
    I have found good home remedies, first to sluff off wrinkles, 4Tbs of powdered sugar and 4Tbs of warm water, apply to face and let dry about 10 min. relaxes the wrinkles/ more of a face scrub.. then take one egg yolk, 1 Tbs honey, 1 Tbs of olive oil, mix together well. apply in 3 layers letting each one dry in between. then leave on for about 20 min. you wouldnt believe the change you will notice in the first try of this. do this about once a week, wrinkles seem to fade away... as we age, we do it gracefully. but if this will help to ease the wrinkles then I am proud to say I have egg on my face.lol. enjoy the relaxing time it does wonders for your face, not to metion it does wonders for your nerves just to sit back and relax that 20 min, all you need is once a week. not much time but enough. Have a wonderful day
  2. 2
    sue p Says:
    The Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer is a staple in my beauty regiment. Its from the Made from Earth skin careline. I didn't used to believe in creams and other things to make my skin look younger, but a girlfriend of mine talked me into using some of the Made from Earth line - and since its organic and chemical free and I am a super healthy woman, I thought I would try it. I tried it just to try to prove her wrong, but thankfully, I was the one who was wrong! This cream is a lifesaver! Eventhough it's a little expensive, it goes a long way and is well worth the money - 1 bottle lasted me 3 months. My skin is so much firmer and fresher looking. My skin doesn't look tired and worn out anymore, but instead I look refreshed and YOUNG! I can't live without it now! Recommendend for healthy women looking for younger skin, who dont want to put harsh chemicals on their facial skin.
  3. 3
    paula mills Says:
    I found a great natural wrinkle treatment that I have been using…and its certified organic. Its called the MADE FROM EARTH product line and they have this great Vitamin Face Firming Serum. I started using their vitamin face firming serum 3 months ago on a daily basis – but now I use it maybe once a week! I noticed a major change in my face and thus don’t need to use the product that often. My wrinkles have decreased and my skin just looks fresh…. Plus it has no chemicals – and since I am a smart educated and healthy women – that’s the only way I choose to go. Definitely recommend it for healthy women who want a way to prevent and reduce wrinkles …
  4. 4
    vf Says:
    I have never heard anyone claim that smiling is exercise for your face. It takes more muscles to frown that to smile. What magazine have you been reading?
  5. 5
    Lee Says:
    The best exercise for the face is smiling. So many people frown and it is really taxing on the face. Everyone really needs to smile more to exercise the muscles of the face.