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What does a new anti-aging cream, aborted fetal material and outraged consumer groups have in common – part 2

Neocutis responded to the controversy about its PSP line on its website, saying that they obtained the fetus from an abortion that was medically necessary. The fetus was passed to its lab in Switzerland, and they kept to all the standard ethical guidelines. In addition, Neocutis says that it is important to note that none of their anti- creams contain actual cells or tissue from a fetus. The creams contain human growth factor proteins, and these proteins need to be extracted from those cells.

What Does A New Anti-aging Cream

Some groups are concerned that the company will need to take more fetal material if it is going to continue creating the line, Neocutis claims that no additional source of tissue will be needed. The group Children of God for Life has trouble believing that it is not necessary for the company to get more skin samples in the future.

The question arises why with all the potential controversy, a company would choose to use aborted fetal material. Many doctors agree that Human Growth Factors are very effective kinds of growth factors, and for this fetal tissue is required. This protein is precisely what makes the anti-aging creams and gels Neocutis produces extremely effective. The controversy is sure to continue for some time yet.

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