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Lowered Breast Cancer Risk with Healthy Lifestyles

The causes of breast cancer are still under scrutiny and can include a number of variables; heredity and lifestyle seem to be to top two indicators. However, new studies are showing that there can be a number of areas within lifestyle that we either choose not to acknowledge or simply don’t want to change due to their convenience. Making the right choices can actually lower breast cancer risk.

breast cancer risk

One of the first things we have to examine in our lifestyle is, of course, healthy eating. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We all know we need to eat healthy and we have the foundation of food sources to do so. But there are some things in our lives we simply cannot live without and could be contributing to a cancer risk. As a society, we are attached to our cell phones and while the radiation level is low, there is no known gauge for how much radiation is acceptable from these devices. This includes microwaves and other electronic devices. Another thing that we expose ourselves to is to many medical x-rays. Yes, it’s hard to tell the doctor no, but do you really need a new set of dental x-rays every year?

Hormone therapy for both estrogen and progestin as well as and even hair dye are culprits. These are top on the list for women in the pre and post menopausal age groups and eliminating these alone can help to reduce your breast cancer risk. You can try to find organic hair dyes at your health store and locate a doctor that will prescribe bioidentical hormone therapy. As far as alcohol, well, that goes under the common-sense category.

There is no single cause for breast cancer but you can reduce your risk factor simply by making some changes and right choices.

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