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Bile Duct Cancer Prevention Tips

  • While there is no single way to prevent bile duct cancer there are certain measures you can take to lessen the risk you have to bile duct cancer symptoms
  • Bile duct cancer symptoms may be similar to that of a blocked bile duct or even bile duct disease, and prevention tips are helpful for the overall health of your bile duct
  • Whether you have gallbladder polyps that are benign in nature or full blown extrahepatic bile duct cancer, there are ways to lessen the symptoms and care for yourself
  • Bile duct cancer can be less of a risk in your life if you pay attention to your health and adapt a better lifestyle. By eliminating the use of alcohol, caffeine and fatty foods your are more likely to live longer and healthier

Below is a list of bile duct cancer prevention tips that greatly reduce the risk of bile duct cancer symptoms associated with bile duct disease.

1. Maintain a healthy body weight

Losing weight goes along with living a healthy lifestyle. Obesity kills and it is important to remember that extra weight is hard on your organs, including your pancreas. To reduce the risk of bile duct cancer as well as bile duct disease, a healthy body weight is crucial. A blocked bile duct can be caused from eating poor foods rich in fatty acids. This blockage can cause bile duct disease and make you more prone to bile duct cancer symptoms.

2. Avoid

Smoking is not good for you no matter how you look at it. If it doesn’t cause lung cancer it will cause something negative in your life. A recent study showed that gallbladder polyps developed more in smokers than in non-smokers. Smoking can also decrease your immune system and make it weak. If you have been diagnosed with pancreas cancer it is important to stop smoking right away. Your doctor can assist you in the best and easiest ways to stop smoking.

3. Limit alcohol use

Alcohol drinking is hard on your pancreas. All alcohol consumption should be stopped immediately if you experience any symptoms of a blocked bile duct. Alcohol is hard on the pancreas and if you have bile duct cancer, alcohol use should be stopped altogether and immediately. If you have been diagnosed with extrahepatic bile duct cancer, it is important to immediately stop drinking.

4. Live a healthy lifestyle

It is not too late to adapt or adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eliminating alcohol, tobacco and caffeine can decrease the risk of developing extrahepatic bile duct cancer.

5. Avoid caffeine

It is not too late to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Eliminating alcohol, tobacco and caffeine can decrease the risk of developing bile duct cancer. Caffeine is hard on the system and causes the pancreas to work over time. An inflamed pancreas needs to work less and rest more. Caffeine should be consumed in moderation. Too much caffeine can cause not only pancreas problems but liver and stomach issues.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.