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5 Ways to Avoid Skin Dryness in Cold Weather

Skin Dryness

  • Dry itchy skin is most common in the late fall and winter months
  • The protective barrier a good skin moisturizer or dry skin lotion can provide your skin in colder months will help prevent dry skin irritation
  • What causes dry skin can come from a variety of origins; from the cleanser you use in the shower to the foods you eat for lunch
  • One of many dry skin remedies is to drink enough water every day to maintain proper skin hydration

Dry, flaky, itchy skin is unfortunately a common occurrence in the late fall and winter months. Most of us have had to deal with this epidermal annoyance at one time or another. Sometimes it can look and feel as if your skin has dandruff. No one wants to go out like that. There is no denying the fact that skin and cold weather do not make a good match, but don’t worry, just keep reading and you’ll find five ways to avoid skin dryness in cold weather.

1. Keep It Cool

Believe it or not, the best way to battle skin dryness when the weather is cold is to stay away from hot water. Of course, you don’t have to subject yourself to cold showers or anything so extreme; however, showering or washing your hands in lukewarm water is best. Moreover, you should try not to stay under the water for too long. Ten minutes at most is ideal. If the prospect of giving up long hot baths or showers doesn’t appeal to you, then the next step for avoiding skin dryness during the colder months might be a better alternative.

2. Use More Moisturizer!

Moisturizers help form a protective barrier between your skin and the harsh effects of cold weather. Whatever kind of lotion or moisturizing cream you choose, the best time to apply it is right after a bath or shower. Dry off as quickly as you can, even if you just pat your skin dry, and then apply the moisturizer where you are most likely to experience dryness. Typically, this is on the face, arms, and legs. If standard lotions don’t do the job for you, look for an ointment or a thick cream instead. Some people find that baby oil works best.

3. Hydration Essentials

To avoid skin dryness in cold weather, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated. You can do this in several ways. The first is easy. Make sure you drink the recommended amount of water each day, which is at least eight ounces of water, eight times a day. Another option is investing in a humidifier. Humidifiers can help skin dryness because they mimic the beneficial effects of humidity in warmer weather by keeping skin hydrated.

4. Lose the Soap

The soap you use may not be helping your proclivity for developing dry skin in cold weather. Often, soaps that contain high amounts of fragrance can be irritating to the skin. Try a milder soap instead, preferably one with built-in moisturizers.

5. Was It Something You Ate?

Your diet may also contribute to how your skin reacts to colder temperatures. Typically, tomatoes, cola-based soda drinks, chocolate, and certain spices cause the most problems. Citrus fruits can also play a role. Try cutting these foods out of your diet and see if your skin improves.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

One Response to “5 Ways to Avoid Skin Dryness in Cold Weather”

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    Beth Says:
    Thank you so much for this information. Every winter my husband picks on me because my skin is so dry in the winter that shaving my legs is a bit of a non-option. I'm hoping that some of these tips work for me.