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Is the Spanish flu something to be worried about? What is it?

Due to past events such as the 1918 flu pandemic and the rumors that swine flu side effects may possibly be linked to the Spanish flu, many people are wondering how to separate Spanish flu facts from fiction.

Spanish Flu Facts

An important thing to know is that one of the many Spanish flu facts state that the 1918 flu pandemic was devastating. The Spanish flu is said to have killed approximately 50 million people worldwide and over a third of the worlds population at one time was infected with this virus. The Spanish flu is over and it’s not necessarily something to be overly worked up about, but it is smart to understand that all influenza A viruses, including the swine flu and avian flu, are descendants of the Spanish flu. Since Spanish flu facts tell us that it was such a devastating virus it’s important that we keep an eye out for influenza type A viruses as they have the potential to be just as deadly as the Spanish flu itself. Luckily, all those viruses that have descended from the Spanish flu seem to be much milder and do not have the same impact at the 1918 flu pandemic.

One of the reasons that the Spanish flu was so devastating was the lack of understanding about disease prevention and healthful lifestyles. So, be aware and educate yourself on the swine flu side effects and do all that you can to avoid the spread of the virus so that history does not repeat itself.

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