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Is it possible to effectively cure the common cold using home remedies?

One of the most popular is that it is possible to cure the common cold using home remedies. Home remedies in many cases do not effectively cure the common cold. However, they are effective at minimizing the symptoms of the common cold and should not be avoided.

Cure The Common Cold

One of the common cold facts is that the common cold contagious period is believed to be a few days before symptoms appear and for as long as a week after that. However, just because you are past the common cold contagious period symptoms may still arise and at home remedies can still be helpful at alleviating symptoms.

One of the most common cold myths is that vitamin C will cure the common cold or even prevent it entirely. However, research has provided no evidence that vitamin C is preventative in the contraction of the common cold. It is, however, a good home remedy that alleviate some of the symptoms associated with the common cold such as itchy watery eyes and other symptoms that are the result of histamine production.

When thinking about home remedies for the common cold think more about symptom treatment and less about how the remedies can cure the common cold. Use lemon tea with some honey to sooth a sore throat or a saline nasal spray along with some menthol rubbed on the chest for alleviation of a stuffy nose and enjoy the comforts that come with these home remedies.

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