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Improve Male Potency Naturally

Male Potency

  • Male potency is a serious problem for millions of men but it be treated without medication in many cases
  • Because high diastolic blood pressure can be related to erectile dysfunction, exercise and a healthier diet could help improve your potency
  • A number of natural supplements may also be able to boost your potency

Male potency tends to include a number of different factors into one category. Some use the term only to refer to a male’s libido and ability to achieve erection and use it. Others include fertility in the concept. Conveniently enough all of these can be improved naturally by taking steps in three ways. You’ll find this true for many things including potency: improving your overall health can improve difficulties in any specific area of your health. The three ways that will be addressed in this article are improving potency through avoiding negative factors, improving potency through exercise and improving potency through supplements. When there is a significant divergence in the approach for any of the many individual concepts (libido, erectile dysfunction, fertility) it will be pointed out.

Avoiding Negative Factors

By simply avoiding chemicals and substances that negatively impact male potency you can easily increase your overall potency, greatly impact your fertility and improve your overall health. Many of the same substances that decrease potency create other health problems and risks. Among the most common negative factor is alcohol.

While alcohol in moderation may provide a relaxing effect that immediately promotes potency, in the long term there are less risky ways to achieve that same level of relaxation. Abuse of alcohol and use in harmful quantities should be eliminated completely. Nicotine and other commonly used recreational drugs may seem to have immediate potency benefit, but in the long-term may cause problems such as high diastolic blood pressure and other conditions linked to low libido and erectile dysfunction.

There are a less common group of chemicals known as xenoestrogens that can contribute to lower male potency. In some cases it may be necessary to reduce exposure to these chemicals also. They are commonly found in pesticides and when cooking food in plastics.

Exercise for Health

As little as six minutes of exercise can create a big positive health impact in a sedentary life. It may not be necessary to begin an in-depth strength training program to see the positive results in potency that you are wanting. Six minutes a day may be sufficient to create the change that you want to see.

Short walks after eating have also been shown to be more effective than long exercise at reducing fats and triglycerides in the bloodstream after a hearty meal. A simple and short exercise may help generate the immediate effects you want as well as give you improved physical ability, a slimmer physique and a more healthy disposition and all of these contribute to your overall potency and health, allowing you to perform more often and more enjoyably with a greater fertility and effect.

Supplement your Diet

If you have tried the above and haven’t seen the level of improvement that you want it may be necessary to begin using supplements. It’s recommended that you consult your physician before beginning to take supplements regularly. Supplements can be helpful to ensure that you are getting the vitamins, minerals and other substances that you need to ensure overall health.

Once you have checked to ensure you have a balanced intake of all the substances you need if your potency has still not improved in the ways you want you may consult your physician regarding a targeted supplement. It’s possible to get most of the necessary recommended daily intakes and the targeted supplements through natural sources including herbal supplements. This is where you’ll need to do a bit of research depending on your wanted improvement.

Your erectile dysfunction may benefit from a very different supplement than a low sperm count or a lessened libido, so learn how you can improve your potency. Some of the most general supplements helpful with improving potency are zinc, Vitamin C, Calcium and Vitamin D, but note that many of these are specifically considered helpful with fertility.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.