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Hemorrhoid Relief at Home

Hemorrhoid relief can be important if you suffer from this medical problem, and there are a number of home remedies for hemorrhoid relief that can be just as effective as anything your doctor can prescribe. The first home remedy that can really work for hemorrhoids is to avoid toilet paper or dry tissue at all costs. Instead, use the thick moist wipes that do not contain soap because soap can irritate your skin and anus. Dry toilet paper or tissue will rub the area and aggravate any hemorrhoids that you have.

Hemorrhoid Relief

can also be found by sitting in warm water in your bathtub. The water will soothe the area while the heat may help shrink the veins and eliminate irritation. It is important to have a bowel movement every time you feel the need so that you do not have to push or strain.

Fiber and water both play a big role in keeping your bowel movements easy, regular and soft enough to pass harmlessly. If you do not have enough fiber in your diet then your stools may become hard. This is true if you do not drink enough fluids, which includes water.

Witch hazel can be a big comfort, and a cotton ball or pad can be soaked in this astringent and then placed on the affected area to cool and soothe it. A special cushion can also be used when sitting, and if you sit a lot this device is recommended. It resembles a large inflated donut.

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