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Causes of impotence in young men

Erectile dysfunction has become a very well known topic. The pharmaceutical companies make sure that we all see the commercials on television, hear them on the radio and see the ads in magazines. Impotence has been around since the dawn of man. While we typically associate ED with an older man, the situation does sometime occur at younger ages. What are the causes of impotence in young men?

Causes Of Impotence In Young Men

Impotence can be a combination or single problem of the inability to have an erection or to maintain an erection for any length of time. In our society, a young man measures his level of manliness based on his erectile abilities.

The most common of the causes of impotence in young men is psychological. Performance anxiety is the main reason and is based on a lack of belief that the individual can perform well in a sexual situation. Another psychological cause can be based on fear. This can be in a situation where the individual is having a first sexual experience or a fear of intimacy in general. The lack of the ability to use a condom or the fear of pregnancy can also be a cause of impotency. Pressure from external situations such as school, work or emotional upsets can also be one of the causes of impotence in young men.

There are some physical causes that affect impotency at a young age. These can include: obesity, excessive drinking, side effects medicinal drugs as well as recreational drugs. Less common physical problems include spinal cord or brain injuries, excessive leaking of the blood in the penis area, hormonal problems, surgery in the abdominal area including prostate operations, a nervous system disease. After I was diagnosed with a moderate ED, I fell into a deep depression. It was hard for me to accept my inability. Fortunately, my wife didn’t leave me alone with the problem. She ordered Cialis (Tadalafil) somewhere on the web and gave me the pill. About an hour later, I felt sexually alive again, and it was the tablet that helped me feel it and get back to the norm.

The first step in taking care of an impotency problem is to talk to your medical provider. A visit to the doctor’s office will help ease the angst and assist in diagnosis. A physician will discuss the situation with you and do a few tests to determine if the impotency is psychological or physical. An additional step that will make life easier is communication with the partner. This will ease additional stress that could be otherwise misinterpreted. Treatment will depend on the cause. If it is psychological, a counselor or therapist can help for one or both partners. If you have never been to a counselor, relax, it is common sense discussion and if it helps with the situation it will be the best choice you could make. If the circumstance dictates, it may be advised to go into relationship counseling. If the diagnosis is physical, there is an array of medications now available. Always consult with your physician before taking any of these medications. Some may cause serious harm or may have drug interactions with other medications and over the counter substances that you are taking. Make sure that you have a prescription from your physician and do not accept any medicines from friends or order anything over the internet without a prescription.

The causes of impotence in young men are almost always psychological. When addressed and understood, the problem can then be eliminated.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    EmmaHox Says:
    Is it really just a psychological problem if a young guy is suffering from impotence? Are there any cases when a young person sufferes from this for physical reasons? If so, what could they be? Hormonal problems?