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How to Stop Hemorrhoidal Bleeding and Other Ways to Care for Hemmorrhoids

Hemorrhoidal bleeding can be a common occurrence if you suffer from severe hemorrhoids. Treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids and proper hemorrhoid care can make a big difference if you want relief from the problem. Hemorrhoids can occur both inside and outside the body and the rectum, and when they bleed, it can be both scary and confusing.

Hemorrhoidal Bleeding

Hemorrhoidal bleeding can be treated at home, or if the bleeding persists and continues for a time, you may need to see your physician. The first step in treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids is home remedies, and there are a number of astringents that can clean and soothe the irritated and swollen area, making you feel much better. Aloe vera is a good product to use, and so is apple cider vinegar or witch hazel. The astringent properties will ensure no infection can occur.

Proper hemorrhoid care for hemorrhoidal bleeding can include ice packs applied to the area affected. This treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids will not only help heal and shrink the veins causing the problem and the swollen tissue around these veins, but it will also numb the area and eliminate pain and itching. Neem oil or another skin cream and moisturizing oil can be rubbed into the tissues affected by the hemorrhoids, and this will help keep the skin and tissues soft and flexible.

Hemorrhoid care can also include replacing your toilet paper with soft thick wipes that do not contain soap or fragrances. Always wipe from front to back and never rub or scrub the area roughly.

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