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Hemorrhoid Care: What to Do?

Hemorrhoid care can be an important consideration if you suffer from this medical condition, and finding ways to get hemorrhoid relief can seem crucial when your hemorrhoids flare up. This condition is caused by enlarged veins that may protrude from the rectum. Hemorrhoids may bleed at times, and treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids can also provide relief from the discomfort, itching, and burning as well.

Hemorrhoid Care

Hemorrhoid care can include a change in diet, eliminating certain activities, using certain creams, lotions, and ointments, and using care and special wipes which are moist. Changing your diet to include plenty of fiber will result in stools that are softer and easier to pass. Make sure to drink a lot of water every day as well, because this will also keep your stool from being hard and irritating the veins as it passes.

Hemorrhoid care can include many home remedies. Witch hazel can offer enormous hemorrhoid relief and also works as a treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids. If you are overweight, dieting may help because being too heavy can cause you to strain more, or to pass larger amounts of stool. The job you do can also play a factor. If you spend large amounts of time sitting you may be more at risk of developing hemorrhoids. If you have a job where you must sit, try to get up and move around a little at least once an hour, and this can help. Fiber supplements may also be beneficial if your diet does not contain enough fiber.

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