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How to Unclog Arteries Naturally – updated article with new information

The first question for anyone who has been diagnosed with clogged arteries is “how can I unclog them?” Surgery is only recommended in extreme cases. Your doctor will give you a wide variety of options, such as enzyme supplements, but in this article we will discuss what foods you can eat in order to help you to unclog your arteries naturally.

Garlic: The greatest wonder food of them all! Try to eat at least 1 to 3 cloves a day, raw or cooked. It makes a great flavouring for all kinds of recipes, including soups and casseroles, and salads. Many studies have pointed to the fact that the regular consumption of garlic reduces cholesterol by at least 10 percent, and helps maintain clean arteries. A garlic supplement containing ‘allicin’ is just as effective, and avoids the strong smell.

Grape Juice: Grape skin/seed extract possess fantastic heart-health properties. Grape juice, which is made from whole grapes, is effective in clearing arteries. It contains powerful flavinoids which prevent cholesterol stickage, reduces inflammation and blood clots, and keeps blood vessels clear.

Cherries: The tasty fruit contains more than 17 compounds that help unclog clogged arteries. These compounds give cherries their red colour.

Strawberries: Similar to cherries, they contain a wide range of compounds which cut cholesterol levels and help clear out arteries. Strawberries are also packed full of antioxidants. Unclog your arteries naturally with this tasty fruit!

Sweet Potatoes: Jam packed with cholesterol-lowering fiber, beta carotene, and other compounds, this is a great, but lesser known food which helps clear up you arteries

Green Tea: Just one cup a day of quality green tea contains a large number of flavinoids which provide antioxidant protection. In addition, green tea contains ‘procyanidins’, which help prevent the formation of blood clots.

Olive Oil: Omega-3 fatty acids are in abundance in olive oil, which counters the inflammatory effects of omega-6 found in vegetable oils. Particles of LDL, or bad cholesterol which is found in olive oil are much less likely to become oxidized than they are in other oils. Only oxidized cholesterol can stick to your artery walls and clog them up.

Salmon: Another great source of omega- 3 fats. Herring and tuna are also recommended. Wild salmon, is particularly rich in the omega-3 fats, and these help keep your arteries clean. Wild salmon is better than deep water fish such as tuna as they contain less toxins.

Spinach: Packed with vitamin C and vitamin A. These compounds help prevent cholesterol from becoming oxidized. This helps prevent clogging and helps to release plaque lining the arteries.

Remember, if you want clean arteries, say NO to hydrogenated oils! These are found in frozen foods, cookies, cakes, chips, pastries etc. If you have clogged arteries, it is particularly important that you avoid these foods, as they will only worsen your condition. Eat the foods listed above in abundance, and you will be making a big step towards protecting your health. For the original story, and further information on how to unclog arteries naturally, click here

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The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

48 Responses to “How to Unclog Arteries Naturally – updated article with new information”

  1. 1
    Vita Gouzalez Says:
    Sorry, but I debate with this unique upload. I actually do delight in your personal web page still and will keep on moving again for the latest.
  2. 2
    Suresh Kumar M R Says:
    If you watch you tube videos the plaque gets formed beneath the surface of the artery. It is not possible to get the plaque outside as it is covered by a thin skin. The best way to detect is through angiogram and not with LIPID Profile test. In our family it is hereditary, I am 33 and on diet and looking at ways to keep my cholestrol level under control. I take AMWAY product Omega 3 Fatty Acid tablet and a garlic tablet every day. Also 45mts of aerobics, still I dont know whether I can escape from cardiac problem which is in our genes... Time only can say...
  3. 3
    zanzee Says:
    Hi people, would be great if some of you who said you are going to try this,and did and survived the torture, could let us know how you got on, particularly if it is for blocked arteries. Thanks Zanzee
  4. 4
    Shah Says:
    I am sorry but I do not undersatand and shall be very thankful if you will explain: My understanding is : take for three weeks then stop :for eight days and then repeat the procedure but then how long? The process could be repeated every year If the process is to be repeated every year then how many times the process is repeated per one year?
  5. 5
    kim Says:
    After you've prepared the drink, how long does it keep in the refrigerator?
  6. 6
    jean casimir Says:
    So far so good....i'm at day 10 now and feeling much better, i have less pressure on the stomach, i feel my blood pressure is lower and sleep better at night. My wife thinks its a hoaks, but 4 me it really feels good. I recommended it to anyone who thinks that they can be cured naturally. The taste is nasty but still worthy.
  7. 7
    Steve Bland Says:
    Found this recipe about over month ago and have been taking the ' concotion' as recommended - just about to start my 3rd week of 2nd stint. I find that mixing some unrefined brown sugar ( about 2 tablespoons) with the initial blending and the lemon juice/taste takes away most of the smell / taste of the fresh garlic. The drink is so very refreshing that I sometimes take the ' dose' during the daytime. After trying one of the the expensive medication products that are on the market ,there were no major improvements , this natural remedy would seem to make a good and inexpensive change. Having a blocked Aorta and with breathing problems , the hospitals will not operate to by-pass, so I will contine to try ' natural ' remedies for the next 12 months if not longer. After all , lemons and Garlic will not kill you ??
  8. 8
    shantie maharaj Says:
    i am 54 years old and just had my blood work done. my cholesterol is 301 so i will definitely be trying this natural recipe
  9. 9
    chris Says:
    Hello seekers. I have been diagnosed with PAD. I have the MRA that shows a blockage in lower part of dorsal aorta. I also have a natural science degree. Intend to try the lemon/garlic treatment and see whether it works. Will keep you-all posted!
  10. 10
    jackie Says:
    does anyone know if honey can be added to the mixture?
  11. 11
    jlsf Says:
    i really like the stuff it tastes a lot like grapefruit juice
  12. 12
    peter Says:
    im 32 and weigh 240lbs, i have high cholesterol 6.4, high blood pressure 149/89 and an all round poor diet of greasy food and excessive alcohol. Lately my body has been giving me the warning signs (pains in chest and arms, tightness in chest etc) and its really shaken me. ive made the concious decision to change my whole lifestyle. cut out the booze, cigarettes and fatty foods and hit the gym for some much needed cardio. im extremely encouraged by some of the research ive done on this mixture so i made the mixture last night and had my first cup before bed, the mixture dosent taste bad at all, i will report back every week with my progress .
  13. 13
    Tres Says:
    The end of the article concerning the recipe says: Repeat above every six months, or whenever you feel like it as long as you allow some time between treatments
  14. 14
    Barbara Walls Says:
    How long do you continue this? Forever, months?
  15. 15
    chuck Says:
    I have an update; I had my cholesterol checked about 1 1/2 months ago for an insurance policy and my triglycerides were around 97. I drank this concoction for a little less than 3 weeks and had my blood checked last week. My triglycerides dropped to 62. I am 50 years old and cannot remember the last time they were that low. It must be working! Does anyone know if there is a correlation to between reduced triglycerides and reduced plaque? The nurse at my Doctor’s office thinks that when you reduce your triglycerides that you are just preventing a further buildup of plaque and not necessarily reversing plaque buildup. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Now can someone give me some clarification on a standard glass when it comes to this recipe? I know that a standard glass is 8 oz’s but someone else made a comment to it being 4 oz’s. I know one thing and that is 8 oz’s of this stuff is haaarrrd!
  16. 16
    ALLAN new zealand Says:
    hullo reagin I have just started feeling a little breathless so something has clogged up my heart is good and have tested ok but like you I know something is wrong i will give this a shot too so please keep posting so we can keep in touch God Bless Allan New Zealand
  17. 17
    reagin stokes Says:
    I have been having breathing problems for sometime now,and all of the other systems that point to clogged arteries. I have have under gone test,but have been told that I'm ok, I know my body, and I know that there's sometyhing wrong.so I am going to try this potion as soon as possible. thanks.....
  18. 18
    chuck Says:
    Ok, when you take this stuff out of the refrigerator dilute it with a little hot water and it is a little easier to drink. Something else that I have noticed about drinking this wonderful concoction is that it makes going to the bathroom easier. Some of you guys that might have a weak stream need to drink this stuff.
  19. 19
    Rick Says:
    Hi Dusty, I hope this message finds you doing well. So what has the out come been with this remedy? did it work?
  20. 20
    JD Says:
    Dusty, Could you please give us an update? Does anyone else have any results they can report?
  21. 21
    Dusty Says:
    This is my third day on this stuff, my agnia is still there, but I must admit I feel diffrent and a lot better, I will continue.
  22. 22
    zanzee Says:
    Hi Dusty, Notice you were doing the lemon and garlic poison drink,for blocked arteries. Wonder if you would please tell me how you got on with it, as I have been told I have two blocked ones and have been taking this now for three weeks, don't think I can notice any difference yet? Thanks a lot, Zanzee
  23. 23
    Dusty Says:
    I have blockage in three arteries and will be trying this soon, So far I have tried other oral chelation product but I still have agina which I did not have before. I refuse to take Sugry as yet.
  24. 24
    oracle Says:
    Just finishing my second week ..that stuff tastes horrible ..hope its working ..i heard of one were u mix pure olive oil with pure lemon juice in a cup ..(this concoction is even harder to drink) ..eat nothing for 7 hours (b4 u drink) and you will pass gallstones in your urine the next morning ..guess what it worked......and last one if you have pus forming under your skin use a potatoe peel place them on knee or elbow bandage it and the starch will suck out the pus..did that it worked too....lets hope my arteries are brand new !!!!
  25. 25
    chuck Says:
    I really hope this stuff works. I am on my 3rd night of choking it down and don't know if I can make it 3 weeks. I about to barf!
  26. 26
    mike Says:
    i was wondering why there were dozens of complicated and expensive drugs, procedures and machines to deal with the way the doctors and hospitals deal with arteriosclerosis and athersclerosis yet not one drug to deal with arteriosclerosis? I was wondering why any clinical trials on those possible curatives are paid for by hospitals and doctors who work for those hospitals and which make millions almost daily using other methods that finance the hospital remaining in business and pan and destroy all trials on those supposed curatives and why if 98 percent of doctors take moneys from drug companys doing clinical trials ,what exact influence happens to the results?,
  27. 27
    D K Says:
    I had colesteral level 6.4 i did this to see if it made any difference to this and in general made any difference to my well being.A couple of days after i had finished the course i visited my doctors to have some blood tests,the results that came back were col 5.4 also my blood pressure which was on the high side also has returned to normal,i suffered at night with pins and neddles thats gone as well,if nothing had improved for me i was looking at going on tablets to control these conditions now i dont have to take any medication at,also i think with outadout this is worth a try.Also if you can follow a healthy diet and do a little exercise now and then i know that all helps.I certainly will be doing this again in a few months.D.K.
  28. 28
    jackie Says:
    this recipe helped lowering my Mom's cholesterol to almost normal level! she consulted her doctor before taking it and done a test before and after and her doctor was amazed to see the kind improvement that she showed in her test result! during the three weeks that she was taking it she had higher than usual blood pressure but nothing to be concerned about and after 3 weeks it was back to normal and she is feeling great!!
  29. 29
    kf Says:
    hey i tried the preparing the drink and mine turned green as well. did the drink help with your chest pains/high cholesterol?
  30. 30
    zara Says:
    Dear all /Dear Peter Thanks for your article, I tried it ;first time the final liquid was yellow and the second time it was green. I am wondering about the reason and I'm looking for the experience of others who prepared it. thanks in advance
  31. 31
    nick from enfield Says:
    is there any evidence that this remedy really works. eg medical studies etc.. Surely some nutty professor like Dr Atkins, the idiot who said "dont eat carbs" would have bottled this remedy and made a fortune. I know a number of people who have had heart attacks and not one has ever experienced this potion. sorry to put a dampner on your story, but we read so much rubbish on the www, its hard to tell fake from truth. you never told us what happened to the chest pains. have they gone.
  32. 32
    rw Says:
    Hi Sir, I am just reading your comment that was left 29 Dec. 2009. To lower my 267 that I had in January here is what I done. And it only took me 3 - 4 months to get to 194. I ate all the fruit I could stand, NO DAIRY and that means NONE. 2 slices of bread PER WEEK. NO SUGAR. All vegies. Plenty WATER. Now the water that I dranked was ALKLINE WATER. I bought the machine that makes it at home. Last but not least, exercise daily. Just do some form of exercise to the machine moving.
  33. 33
    JD Says:
    Hi Mohammad - if I had to guess, 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic would probably enough to fit in a blender or food processor with about a liter of water. I am really interested to know if anyone has tried this and what the results were. I currently take 3 grams of niacin a day (in 2 doses) and 2 - 40mg tabs of lipitor, 1 in the morning and one at night. My cholesterol without medication is in the 500 range. Thanks!
  34. 34
    LC Says:
    This is very interesting - I am going to try this. I thought I would share a true story. I am NOT suggesting doing this – but take this in consideration during our process of being your own health advocate may be beneficial. I do not know if it possible to over dose on garlic. I know a person that has taken garlic oil pills like candy after he was diagnosed with aids in ICU. He reeked of garlic and everyone thought he was crazy. If he wasn't taking garlic oil pills he was putting garlic powder on everything that he ate. I know that he squeezed 9 garlic oil pills in his nightly coffee. As of exactly how much he was taking throughout the day – I am clueless. About 5 years later, he is healthier than that of a normal person with his blood levels currently revealing that he is now just a carrier of the HIV virus. This person also religiously smokes two packs of cigarettes a day longer than the 17 years that I have known him. Thank goodness someone shared the wonders of “odorless” garlic oil pills! He no longer reeks of garlic. In general, the process of making the mixture may depend on the size of your food processor. I am interested in seeing just how much the lemon neutralizes the taste and smell of the garlic in this concoction. =P If you look up the healing properties of onions, it complements the properties of the garlic. The whole "taste" thing is what is curious to me at the moment. If the lemon neutralizes the garlic, could it neutralize onion as well? I do not know if I am the brave to try it with onion. Time will tell. Have a great holiday!
  35. 35
    Dusty Says:
    I Discovered your information and will try this.
  36. 36
    Malcolm Says:
    I don't understand why you would stipulate Best French Red Wine, when we have Australian Red Wine that is considerably cheaper and generally a much better quality then French wiwine. Unless of course you are plugging French Wine as a product, and in that case this draws badly on your credibility. So, if you want to keep your credibility, then drop the pretence about the "Best French" crap and stick to Red Wine. Cheers MM
  37. 37
    HealthTotal Says:
    Has anyone tried the remedy with garlic and lemon and benefited. Do let all know.
  38. 38
    mo Says:
    hi has anyone tried this and has it proven successful
  39. 39
    Mohammad Akhter Says:
    Hello Peter boddis: I liked your article and I will definitely try, but I am confuse, why do you mix 3 lemon and 15 clove garlic twice, this I believe can be done at one go (6 lemons and 30 clove garlic) in the food processor or blender with one litre of water or top fill the blender or procecessor, then pour in the pot and top up another one or two litre of water and boil. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks and Regards Akhter
  40. 40
    Peter Boddis Says:
    With regards to the lemon and garlic mixture. You can eat lemons and garlic. However none seem to work as dramatically as the mixture in the recipe I submitted. I have recommended it to several people, all of whom have had good results. The real ramifications are staggering. Imagine the millions of people worldwide this simple mixture could help. The only thing that saddens me is that I did not know about it years ago to help my family. Regards Peter
  41. 41
    Mark Says:
    Hello Peter Boddis, I am very impressed by what you wrote and told, will this really wofrk, what difference does it make if someone just ate garlic with lemon on daily basis for 3 months or so, is there such product in the market or pharmacy or like kind of juice or pills in the store. Do you know anyone else had a lot of glogged and blocked arteries and once he did that his arteries were unblocked, like what extent does it unclog it, lets say someone has 90 percent of arteries clogged , can this take out all the plaque or what is the extent for that. Thank you
  42. 42
    Marissa Lize Etienne Says:
    This is a very good article. Thankyou! Marissa Lize Etienne
  43. 43
    Vibhoar Kumar Says:
    I am delighted to read about this formula for clearing the clogged arteries that too the natural way. I shall be starting it from tomorrow. This is exactly what I was looking for.
  44. 44
    blu pereras Says:
    Hi Peter! My wife was diagnosed with clogged artery. Since then i was looking for natural ways to unclog her blocked arteries. I will be trying your formula and hopefully it will work. Thanks!
  45. 45
    Lenore Says:
    Hi Peter, please clarify how much water you initially add to the 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic in food processor. Should 3 liters of water be added by the time everything is in the pot for boil? Also, by "standard glass" do you mean 8oz? I live in the US so I want to make sure I have the measurements right. Thanks for your help!
  46. 46
    Martha Says:
    I am not understanding what a vitamiser is.
  47. 47
    Peter Boddis Says:
    In my family there has never been any recorded case of cancer. However many heart problems. Twenty years ago I had plaque around the heart. Was told I would need heart surgery in about 15 or 20 years. One day a man who had been facing heart surgery for blocked arteries told me of a mixture that he had taken over 7 weeks that had completely cleared his blocked arteries. He was told he did not need bi-pass surgery. I wrote the mixture down for future reference. I gave someone a lift to move some heavy machinery around. Started to get chest pains. After a few days’ I started to take the mixture he had told me of. After eight weeks I still had some chest pains. So finally I told my doctor. He sent me straight away for heart scans. After I had the heart scans they told me for a man of nearly 70 years it was unusual to find little or no plaque around the heart. Hopefully the following information might help you to help someone... Clearing veins and arteries, that really works. First use fresh water to wash the lemons and garlic. Take 6 lemons cut up including peel (Make sure the lemons are the thin-skinned types). If you can only get the thick-skinned ones simply peel the thin outer yellow peel. Place this in a heap ready to go into the mixture. Then peel off the thick white stuff and throw away. No need on the thin-skinned lemons, just chop them up. The garlic (30 cloves) you usually get about ten cloves per bulb of garlic. Just separate the cloves and chop up (no need to worry about a bit of peel or shell), as the whole lot will be strained when finished. Place 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic in food processor or vitamiser. Top it up with water (If you want you can add a little sugar for taste) and then vitamise. pour into a metal pot. Then repeat the process with the other 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic. Finally was the vitamiser out with another litre of water and pour this also into the pot. Bring the pot to boil, and then simmer for five minutes. Pour through a strainer, and let liquid drain into another pot. Finally when all the liquid has drained into the pot, leave it for some time to cool. When it has cooled use a strainer and funnel to pour into bottles. Note: give the mixture time to drain through the strainer. And do not keep the slurry from the strainer. Simply throw it away. You should finish up with (About 3 to 4 Litre Bottles Quantity). Store in fridge. NOTE: DO NOT USE PLASTIC BOTTLES (Plastic bottles with filled warm or hot liquid can cause serious health problems), as plastic particles will leach into liquid in bottle. Use only GLASS Bottles to keep the mixture in. First Dosage: Drink 1 standard glass each day for three weeks. Then stop for one week Second Dosage: Drink 1 standard glass each day for the final three weeks. Repeat above every six months, or whenever you feel like it as long as you allow some time between treatments. You can also warm the liquid if preferred, or even dilute it with water and ice for a refreshing summer drink. The lemons kill the smell of garlic on your breath. The secret of the mixture is it's easy to prepare, and inexpensive to make up.