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Causes of Broken Blood Vessels – update with news about their treatment – part 2

Laser treatment for broken blood vessels works by passing laser energy through the skin into the unwanted vessels. This energy is then absorbed by pigment in the blood, which results in selective damage to the blood vessel lining, but at the same time leaving the surrounding tissues completely unharmed.

The laser is “turned on”, or pulsed, or for a mere fraction of a second. The pulse duration is determined carefully, so that the energy is absorbed only by the blood vessels, and does not end up transferring too much heat onto the surrounding skin. Your body then follows to reabsorb the damaged vessels, and the blood flow is directed back to where it belongs – into vessels that are located deeper under the skin. In just a few sessions (and sometimes with only one treatment session) the use of the gentle power of pulsed light or lasers can help you improve the appearance of your skin significantly. The treatment of broken blood vessels is effective and painless!

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