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Body Detoxification Helps with Poor Circulation

Body Detoxification

  • Body detoxification is when the body uses its excretory system to rid of any additional waste and toxins in the body
  • Benefits of body detoxification include: improving poor circulation, improving energy levels, reducing body’s water retaining ability, reducing premenstrual symptoms and creating clearer/healthier skin
  • Advice to improve poor circulation: begin slowly, increase fluid intake, increase fiber intake and activity levels
  • What to avoid during detox process: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, saturated fat, and foods that are difficult to digest

You may have already heard about detoxification in the media, in commercials, or on the Internet as a great solution for fixing whatever ails you. While body detoxification process is certainly not a magic cure-all, it can provide some solid benefits when it comes to the way you can improve poor circulation. Below is some helpful information about body detoxification that can help you get started on your own path to better inner cleansing.

What is Body Detoxification?

Detoxification is a method of using our body’s own excretory system to help us get rid of any additional waste and toxins that are in our bodies. Even though many of our organs, including the kidneys, were designed for the purpose of excreting these bad things from our systems, some believe that we are being exposed to so much that is harmful to our bodies that we need to take additional detoxification steps to make sure we are not poisoning our bodies and harming its ability to function correctly. For example, if these wastes build up they could end up causing us to need to improve circulation.

Reported Benefits of Detoxification

Besides being able to improve poor circulation, detoxification is supposed to be good for improving our energy levels which can be hampered by a build up of these waste products and toxins in our blood. Our body’s tendency to retain water can also be reduced through this process. Premenstrual symptoms can be reduced, our digestive system will work better, our skin will look clearer and healthier, and our minds will be more focused and fast thinking.

Whether you believe detoxification can do all of those things or not, remember that many of the touted improvements could be linked directly to any method to improve circulation.

Steps to Improve Circulation through Body Detoxification

If you’re going to start your own detoxification program, you want to begin slowly. First, increase your fluid intake. Fluids are essential because they are going to help you flush out these waste products and toxins from your body. How much water should you be drinking? You should slowly increase your intake to about two quarts per day. Remember that drinking actual water is always better than other types of drinks.

Also, you should start increasing your fiber intake. That means eat more vegetables and produce, as well as whole grain products. Obviously, fiber will also be important in flushing your body of waste. You should also be sure to increase your intake of lettuce and other greens because they can help in the removal of heavy metals from your body.

Make sure you also increase your activity levels. Exercise is a natural way to detoxify your body because many of the waste products can also be eliminated from the body through sweat. That means going to a sauna can also be beneficial to the process.

Things to Avoid During Detoxification Process

You should avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol because these are considered toxins to your body. There’s no point removing them from your system only to add them back in. Stay away from saturated fat, hard to digest foods, and sugar, as well.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

2 Responses to “Body Detoxification Helps with Poor Circulation”

  1. 1
    Bertha Says:
    What about fasting? I read somewhere that having a 24 hour fast is beneficial for your health. I'm wondering what everyone else's opinion is, and what the official medical take is on this matter.
  2. 2
    Bertha Says:
    What about fasting? I read somewhere that having a 24 hour fast is beneficial for your health. I'm wondering what everyone else's opinion is, and what the official medical take is on this matter.