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Eye Care Tips for Children

Eye care tips for children can help you detect vision problems with your children. These tips should also include eye care tips for computer users, because even kids today may spend hours in front of the PC screen doing homework and socializing with friends. Advice on natural treatments for pink eye can also be helpful, because this is a common eye infection and problem during childhood. Many eye care tips for children are concerned with lighting and eye strain. Make sure that there is an adequate amount of light so your child can see well, without shadows interfering or the need to strain. Make sure that a break is taken from the computer every thirty to sixty minutes, so your children allow their eyes to rest frequently.

Eye Care Tips For Children

Eye care tips for children can make a big difference in their vision. There are eye exercises that can also help if your child spends a lot of time on the computer, reading, or doing homework. Have your child rotate their eyes in a clockwise and then counterclockwise motion at least a few minutes out of every hour. These will avoid eye strain, and help your children see better for life. Natural treatments for pink eye can include salt water washes, warm compresses, moistened chamomile tea bags placed on the eye, and Marigold compresses. Dietary changes may also help speed up the healing and deprive bacteria of the nutrients they thrive on, like sugars and starches in your diet.

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    Jennifer9 Says:
    The biggest tip I need is to how stop my 11 year old kid spending so many hours on the computer. I limit his use when I am present but I can't do that when he is on his own or at friends. I'm concerned about the effect of so many hours, day after day, looking at the screen.