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Sores of the Eye: Corneal Ulcers

Corneal ulcers and sores of the eye often result from either an infection or injury that has caused the cornea to become inflamed. This causes an ulcer to form on the corneal area of the eye. Sometimes if an ulcer of this nature is not treated, it can result in visionary problems or something much worse, like blindness or different levels of permanent vision loss.

If an individual has had an injury or infection in the eye area, it is a possibility that germs or bacteria may have entered the cornea through micro tears, resulting in corneal ulcers. Your physician will make the decision as to what degree and level the ulcer has progressed to, and he will discuss whether or not you will need to be hospitalized for the proper corneal ulcer treatment to be administered. Most of the time, a corneal ulcer will not require hospitalization and treatment will only consist of antibiotics and antiviral or antifungal medications. Proper treatment may include eye drops, oral medications or both. They may be prescribed simultaneously, and treatment can change depending on how well the ulcer responds.

Corneal ulcers need to treated in a serious manner, and treatment should always be sought, as serious situations can occur to the eye itself and vision can be permanently lost. If your physician is not able to pinpoint the cause of the ulcer, he or she may order further tests to properly give a diagnosis and to aid them in knowing which treatment is needed to heal and correct the problem.

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