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Correcting Being Crosseyed: Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus surgery is an operation that can correct your eyes when they are cross eyed. This condition is caused when the extraocular muscles are out of balance. For mild cases in children, an eye patch may be recommended, but if the condition is severe, or adult strabismus is diagnosed then strabismus surgery may be required.

Strabismus Surgery

The strabismus definition is a condition where the eyes seem to be looking in separate direction. The condition can be caused by a muscle being either too strong or too weak. The muscle that is too strong can be shortened some, which will cause it to weaken. If a muscle is not strong enough, the muscle on the opposite side can be weakened instead so that both sides are the same strength.

Strabismus surgery can take between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on the individual case. Afterward, the eye that was operated on will normally be sore and can appear very bloodshot and raw. This will gradually go away over the next few weeks. If strabismus surgery is needed in a child who is under the age of 10, repeat procedures may be necessary as the child ages. This operation is normally performed using general anesthesia in a hospital operating room and is not performed in the office or with just a local shot of Novocain. An overnight stay is not normally required unless complications develop. Strabismus surgery is generally successful in around 80 of cases.

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