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Righting Iritis: Iritis Treatment

If you have iritis, treatment is important. With this condition you will notice iritis symptoms like pain in the eye or the brow region, a pain that often becomes worse under bright light. You may also notice eye redness, headaches, blurred vision, no dilation of the pupils, and even tears from the eye affected. Some of the more serious iritis symptoms can include cataracts and glaucoma. There are a number of causes of iritis, including traumatic iritis, and the treatment may vary depending on the specific cause of your iritis.


One of the causes of iritis is trauma to the eye, and this type is known as traumatic iritis. The usual treatment for iritis is similar no matter what the cause, and this can include prescription medications in eye drop form, pill form, dark glasses to block any bright lights, over-the-counter pain medications to reduce discomfort, and possibly steroids to speed up the pace of your healing process. Steroids are usually only used in severe cases, or in cases where other methods have not helped. If the iritis is caused by bacteria or a virus, eye drops may be provided to clear up the infection present. Eye drops that dilate your eyes may also be prescribed and used one to four times a day, depending on your condition. This medication causes the iris and pupil to open, so no scar tissue can form during the healing.

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