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Coenzyme Q10 Skin Care Products

  • Coenzyme q10 is naturally found in the human body and works to combat the damage caused by harmful free radicals, making it an excellent natural skin care element
  • As we age, the amount of coenzyme q10 in our bodies decreases, lowering the element’s affect and ability to work as a natural anti aging skin care treatment

Coenzyme q10 is not quite as well known an element as some of the other more popular ingredients in many skin care products. It does, however, hold much promise in the ever-developing skin care market. With competition at an all time high in the skin care market today, beauty companies are constantly looking for new ways to provide a better product. These companies have scientists working for them to discover he mechanisms behind aging and the effect the environment has on our skin.

Natural coenzyme q10 is present in the body at sufficient levels for most people under the age of 30 and it’s quite enough for smooth and sexy skin. They work by strengthening the cells of the body and by helping to fight off the damage caused by free radicals. Because the skin is exposed to many elements, it is the most visible area where we can see the damage that free radicals cause. While those with a healthy diet and lifestyle can minimize the effects of free radicals, it is ultimately a losing battle. Free radicals are present everywhere. They are formed as a consequence of sunlight, weather, and our own bad habits. Internal factors like our facial expressions and emotions can also cause free radicals to develop. Stress is perhaps the biggest villain. We think of stress as bad for our hearts and blood pressure, but we don’t really think of stress as affecting our skin like it does.

As we age, our body’s ability to produce coenzyme q10 decreases. Scientists don’t know why this happens. They simply know that the older we get the less coenzyme q10 our body naturally produces. This gap is the one that many skin care companies are tying to fill by putting coenzyme q10 in their products. The question, so far, is whether the beauty companies can put a beneficial concentration of coenzyme q10 into a product. It has not been proven by any major study that skin care products that contain coenzyme q10 actually work. In lab rats it has been shown to work, but in concentrations that are not present in any reasonable dose of a skin care product.

Coenzyme q10 benefits may be maximized when taken with vitamin C supplements rather than used as a face cream. However, most researchers agree that even too much coenzyme q10 is not harmful to the body. So, if it is not harmful and there is a potential that it may work, why not at least try it out?

Money may be a factor. Most skin care products, whether they come in supplement or cream form, are expensive. The more special ingredients they contain, like coenzyme q10, are costly. If your plan is to use their product every day, which is usually required if you’re looking to get results, those dollars can add up very fast indeed. This is why the first step when seeking to provide yourself with better skin is to look at your diet. A healthy diet is a cure to many more conditions than any pill or cream on the market.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    lisa Says:
    Can you tell me of some specific products that contain this enzyme q10? I am not so bothered about how much they cost, but I am very bothered about the state of my skin at the moment. Please give me some details, thank you.