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Defining Certified Organic Beauty Products

The world of manufacturing has been making a major change in the way they market their products to the masses. The onset of interest in certified organic products has meant that the supply and demand concept has taken a leap to get us to buy the items that have been labeled as such. However, not all countries have the same requirements for a product to be considered certified organic and this has left loopholes in the system with consumers being duped into buying non-organic products.

certified organic

The United States has some fairly strict requirements for any product to be labeled as ‘certified organic’. Not so in many parts of the world, where they can include additives, chemicals and even artificial fragrances. The main concept of certified organic really means ‘free from’ any chemicals or additives that are not derived from natural without a chemical process that could be harmful. This means everything from soil content to the pesticides in the essential oils of the final product.

One of the more recent inclusions for certified organic has been an eco-friendly environment for growing and production. Cosmetic and beauty products companies are seeking all alternatives to accommodate this global attitude, because it means they will sell more product. But the loose requirements of many countries also means they can import from those countries and still be considered certified organic. The attitude in the U.S. has also taken on a twist, as they made the decision to not offer the certified organic label to personal care products. The U.S. Organic Trade Association is working with government agencies to establish guidelines for health and beauty care products as part of the non-food product production.

As consumers increase their knowledge base, manufacturers and government regulatory commissions are going to have to step up to the plate to accommodate the requirements. want to feel confident in the certified organic label, no matter what country they are in.

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