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Vitamin E Skin Products

  • Skin care vitamin E not only provides skin care benefits but health and beauty benefits
  • Many vitamin E topical creams contain powerful antioxidants that work to fight the damaging effects of free radicals like wrinkles, making vitamin E excellent for anti aging skin care
  • Vitamin E also packs a powerful punch against aging, serving as one effective anti aging skin care treatment option

Just about any skin care product on the market today contains vitamin E. It is now widely known and accepted that topical vitamin E – vitamin E for skin – has numerous skin care benefits as well as many other health and beauty benefits.

Vitamin E is found in most healthy foods, especially green, leafy vegetables and fruits. It is an essential vitamin for proper body health. Its internal benefits are too many to count; however, when applied topically, vitamin E creams and vitamin e skin products can work wonders and are gaining more positive research reviews each day.

When used as a skin care product, vitamin E creams are known for their strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants work by ridding the skin of free radicals. Free radicals are formed from exposure to various environmental conditions such as weather, air pollution, and other irritants. As these free radicals build up in our skin, they lead to premature aging as well as an increased risk for developing skin cancer. Free radicals are the enemy and the best weapon against them is strong antioxidants like the ones provided by topical vitamin E lotions and creams.

Vitamin E has strong anti-aging properties. There is not an effective anti-aging product on the market that does not contain vitamin E. Premature aging is one of the biggest concerns for our generation as we reach middle age. We are aware that taking care of our skin today will delay the signs of aging. Using an anti-aging vitamin E cream can help us in our struggle against the aging process.

Another benefit of a vitamin E cream or vitamin E for the skin is that it has been shown to help protect the skin from sun exposure. While not a substitute for a strong sun block, it helps, and in some cases has been used to treat sunburn.

There is also some anecdotal evidence that vitamin E skin care creams can help reduce the visibility of scars. The jury is out on this benefit since some scientists say that it doesn’t have an effect, or if it does, it is minimal. Still, there are thousands of people who have used the product that claim great results from using a vitamin E skin cream for scar treatment.

Because of its antioxidant capabilities, vitamin E creams are also thought to help prevent skin cancer. While there is still much research to be done, it is widely accepted that free radicals are a leading cause of skin cancer, second only to hereditary factors.

A unique characteristic of vitamin E creams is that they have been shown to help reduce deep scars better than any other vitamin supplements, which may be effective against smaller wrinkles. Vitamin E skin care creams work to reduce both. Vitamin E is also thought to increase blood circulation in the face, which gives the appearance of softer, younger looking skin.

Vitamin E creams for skin care are probably the most essential ingredient available on the market today. If your skin care regimen does not include vitamin E, check it out and try it for yourself.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

4 Responses to “Vitamin E Skin Products”

  1. 1
    Prof Nutralegacy Says:
    Dear Inez, Although you should always check with your doctor, it is unlikely that topical application of vitamin E will enter your bloodstream in high enough quantities to cause excessive blood thinning in conjunction with the coumadin. Of course bigger scar surface area equates to a larger total quantity of vitamin E that will go on your skin. If your doctor wants you to avoid vitamin E cream, here are 3 alternative ingredients you can look for in a topical product that are excellent for promoting healing, especially when it comes to dealing with scars from surgery. 1. Aloe Vera is very beneficial and has been shown in numerous studies to enhance healing of topical wounds. 2. If you can find the ingredient Carnosine in a topical , that would be good too. Carnosine has shown an ability to help prevent a process called glycation. Glycation can lead to wrinkled and inflexible skin. So Carnosine can help improve elasticity during the healing process which is very important for lessening the severity of scar formation. 3. Any topical products with Tamanu Oil, which comes from a nut native to the South Seas, can be very helpful. There is much historical as well as clinical evidence that shows Tamanu to be very efficient at promoting the proper healing of wounds and lessening the appearance and severity of scars from surgery. I hope this helps you. Prof. NutraLegacy
  2. 2
    inez Says:
    Is Vitamin E cream good for healing a big scar from open heart surgery? Is it safe to put it on as I am on blood thinners (coumadin)?
  3. 3
    Hansani Says:
    Does it work well for acne scars too?
  4. 4
    Jennifer Says:
    I have used Vitamin E for scarring for quite a while and I know it works for small wounds that are healing. It helps keep the skin moist and supple and if you are left with a scar, it's a really small one that is barely noticeable. Keeping a bottle of Vitamin E lotion or gel in the house should be a must.