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Children and Obesity Problem in America

Children and Obesity

  • The cause of obesity in children is not due to one specific thing, but can come from a variety of factors.
  • If your child is obese, take a long look at the food you are purchasing from the grocery store.

Children afflicted with obesity is becoming a common problem in America today. It is likely that you have seen an overweight child or an obese child when you are out and about in society. Obesity in children is fast becoming an epidemic, and this is worrying many parents, doctors, teachers, and scientists. The cause of obesity in children is not due to one specific thing, but can come from a variety of factors. Science has long known about the link between genetics and obesity across all age groups, and if a child is born to parents who are obese, that child stands a much higher risk of becoming obese. This is not completely cut and dried, however, and many obese parents have children who are active and at a healthy weight, and do not suffer from obesity.

A low metabolism can cause one to become overweight as a child. Even if you are born with a low metabolism, you can raise it through exercise. However, with video games and TV being popular activities, in addition to environmental locations with extreme temperatures, many children gain weight due to inactivity and little to no physical exerted. These children need to go out and play, or if the weather is not permitting, use the TV for positive influences like exercise games and programs for kids. There are many video games and programs focused on the positive influence of exercise for younger ones and these can be considered an investment into your childrens’ health.

There are some factors that can increase your child’s risk of becoming obese. Obesity as mentioned earlier is normally a result of a number of factors working together. A diet full of foods with a high calorie count, foods from fast food restaurants, pastries or other baked goods, and snacks that are empty on nutritious value, can increase the risk of you and your child for obesity. Some children have problems that affect them emotionally, and in this case may overeat as a source of comfort, stress relief, or release from bad emotions like sadness or anger. Boredom is another reason that your child may eat to fill a void or just to have something to do, and this can directly lead to obesity.

If your child is obese, take a long look at the food you are purchasing from the grocery store. Most kids do not have a choice in the foods available in the home, but they see on TV the extreme advertising of “fun kid foods” and want to eat what is wonderfully promoted as the perfect food that you must buy for your child. If you are buying these foods that are processed, extremely high in sugar, canned, and frozen, then you may need to rethink the grocery list. Instead, offer your child plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nutritious snacks during the day. Make meals that are low in fat and calories but very high in the nutrients your child needs to grow and develop properly. The difficult change is in breaking bad habits and instilling the good habits and effort it takes to buy more balanced foods and prepare them for your child. In starting at the grocery store and ending in the preparation of nutritious meals, both you and your child will reap the benefits.

You should also encourage your child to get active, and do so with them. Go for family walks, join the YMCA or a family oriented gym or community center, where physical activity is normal and encouraged, and all shapes and sizes of people gather in a common goal. Encourage your child to participate in sports, both in school and in community sports programs. Keeping your child active will help increase their metabolism, and prevent or reverse obesity. Exercise raises the metabolism of your child for as long as twelve hours after they are done with the activity, and during this period your child’s body will burn much more fat and calories, assisting in weight loss and giving them a deserved and wonderful lift in their personal self esteem. The increased exercise, when continued on a regular basis, will also help set your child’s metabolism higher permanently, so that they burn fat and calories more efficiently every second of every day, even while sleeping.

Remember, eating a healthy diet, full of nutrients and fiber, is the first step in helping you and your child combat obesity. Throw in some physical activities and exercises, and you all can be on the way to recovering from obesity and losing weight in a way that is healthy and effective. Make sure that both of you have access to foods that are not processed, along with healthy snacks and meals. If eating at a fast food restaurant is necessary, almost all fast food restaurants now offer healthy items, like salads and fresh fruit, so even if you and your child are rushed and do not have time to prepare a meal you can still eat healthy and in turn help combat obesity in your child.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Hi. I am 10 years old and weigh 96 pounds.I want to loose weight but i dont know how to. by the way what is the normal weight for a 10 year old?