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Weekend Weight Gain is Okay

New research suggests that we should quit worrying so much about our weekend eating habits and focus on eating better during the week.
The study, published in the Obesity Facts journal, looked at the daily weights of 80 different people over the course of two weeks to a year. It found that everyone had natural fluctuations in weight.


It also found that almost everyone loses weight through the course of the week and then gains it back over the weekend. This is most likely due to the more stable and set patterns people follow during the work week.

Another important finding of the was that people who lost weight and kept it off had healthy eating habits on weekdays, but not necessarily on the weekends. These people tended to be more strict with themselves during the week to compensate for the weekends. Three-fifths of the time, these same study participants weighed the least on Friday or Saturday and the most on Sunday and Monday. The best weight loss results were found in those who lost a little bit of weight Monday through Thursday.

This information should be good news for those trying to lose weight. Try not to be disheartened and frustrated on Monday mornings when you put on your work pants. Instead of completely abandoning your eating plan, forgive yourself and stick with it.

“If you’re too restrictive and you don’t allow any flexibility and you don’t allow those short-term splurges, that may not set you up for success long-term. People who are successful at weight loss are those who see it as a lifetime journey,” said registered dietitian Joy Dubost.

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