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Cancer vaccines coming to your clinic soon – part 2.

The Cleveland Clinic Research Institute immunologist, Vincant Tuohy, led a research study to monitor the affects of the cancer vaccine in mice. He says that this vaccine targets a protein in breast tumors. Tuohy and his team believe that this breast cancer vaccine could be used someday to prevent breast cancer, much like a variety of vaccines regularly prevent childhood diseases. Tuohy noted that if the cancer vaccine works in humans in the same way as it works in mice, then breast cancer could be eliminated. The next step for the team of researchers is to conduct cancer trials of the vaccine in humans. However, they note that it could take years for the vaccine to become widely available to the public.

To put it simply, cancer occurs when the body’s own cells start over-developing. In order to develop a vaccine to fight this cell over-growth, it would basically be necessary to destroy healthy tissue in the recipient’s body. For this reason, developing an effective cancer vaccine is difficult, but enormous progress is being made in this field, and an ever increasing array of look set to become permanent fixtures at clinics around the globe.

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    Andy Says:
    Is the premise of this article really true? How far are we really from having some kind of vaccination from various forms of cancer. Despite what the article says, it sounds like science fiction to me.