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Breast lump removal surgery

Breast lump removal surgery is done when there is a lump in the breast tissue which needs to be removed. This can be required because the lump is cancerous, or because it is a cyst which keeps recurring, or for other reasons as well. If a biopsy of the lump tissue shows any reason for concern it may be better to have breast lump removal surgery and remove the entire mass. This procedure can be done in a doctor’s office as an outpatient or in the hospital operating room, depending on where the lump is, how deep it is located, and the size of the tissue being removed. These procedures may involve a local anesthesia, a general anesthesia, sedatives, or a combination of these methods.

If breast lump removal surgery is required your physician will tell you what to expect. After the procedure the recovery time and process can vary widely. If you had an in office procedure then you will be able to go home that day, although you may need to rest and drink plenty of fluids for the following few days. You may have stitches, depending on the size and depth of the lump removed, and you may need to return to the doctor at a later date for suture removal. If you had breast lump removal surgery in the hospital then it may be a day or two before you can go home. In either case pain medications may be given to help control any discomfort, and there may be follow up tests or treatments needed.

If you are having breast lump removal surgery because of cancer, you may need radiation or treatments after the surgery. These treatments can help minimize the risk of the cancer recurring, especially if the surgery missed any microscopic cancer cells. If the mutated cells have spread to your lymph nodes then these may be surgically removed as well if necessary. After the surgery has healed you may have a small or slight scar in the area, but this is a small price compared to the ravages of breast cancer.

If your doctor recommends breast lump removal surgery you do have the right to a second opinion, but time is important so if you want to consult with another physician you should do this as soon as possible. Normally your doctor will perform certain other tests before even considering this surgery. An ultrasound is often done to see if the lump is solid or filled with fluid. Many benign cysts feel hard but are filled with fluid, and an ultrasound may be able to identify whether a lump is cystic or not. An x-ray may also be done to try and see inside the tumor, but this test is not always effective. A biopsy may also be needed, and in this test a needle is inserted into the lump and a sample of the tissue is taken and then analyzed at the medical lab. If these lab results show abnormal cells in the biopsy then breast lump removal surgery may be needed.

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    Melinda Says:
    I am going to have surgery in the next month on a lump in my breast. Has anyone had this done before, and if so can you tell me what to expect? I'm anxious.