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2 Week Therapy to Make You Look Younger

Our lymph system is a mainstay for the health of our bodies. The lymph system is our internal network for cleansing the system of harmful toxins and removing waste. The integrity of the lymph system is a main process for remaining youthful and there are some easy ways to turn around a poorly performing lymph system so that you can look and feel younger.


Our lymph system is most active during the day and uses night time to slow down. A poor lymph system will allow night as the time for toxic build up. The build up can be from poor eating habits, exposure to pollution and stress. If you wake up with poor skin tone or a puffy face, specifically in the eye area, you need to concentrate on getting your lymph system back on track.

Daily facial massage is one of the easiest ways to help your lymph system. Make sure you are using an organic moisturizer and if you have dry skin, be aware that stretching without a moisturizer can additional wrinkles.

Start at your temples, near the hairline and use the outer areas of your index finger to gently massage for around thirty seconds. Next move to your cheekbones, near the nose and uphook under the cheekbone for an index finger jiggle, back and forth. Move down your cheekbones and continue the jiggling process to the center below the eyes. Use your outer thumb area under the opposite side of the cheekbones until you reach the cheekbone center.

Open your mouth to a slack position. Use the tips of three fingers under your cheekbone and gently massage for thirty seconds.

Use the thumb undersides and uphook under your jaw line, starting under the ears. Use the jiggling massage motion moving down your jaw line until your thumbs meet under the chin center.

Allow your head to collapse, starting at the left tilt so that the muscles of your neck are relaxed. Use your right hand, holding four fingers in a straight position firmly held together. Begin under the left side of your jaw line and slide your hand down the side of the neck and across the shoulder. Repeat this ten times on the left sign and then on the right side. There may be a tingling sensation and you may feel the lymph moving.

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