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5 Ways to Age Gracefully and Look Good in the Process

We are all aging, that is a pure fact. Our attitude towards aging depends upon our age at the time. Youth looks at age with a sometimes patient and often irritating attitude. But as you gain years towards the concept of getting old, your attitude makes a distinct turn around. We watch as our face and body changes to accommodate our years (and wisdom), but there are a few things you can do to accomplish aging with grace and charm.


Drink water: Saturation of the body keeps the skin and internal organs in a healthier state and cleanses toxins from our system. Yes, we all know we are supposed to drink lots of water, but many substitute sugary drinks and soda as part of the process. As we go through aging, pure filtered water is the only acceptable drink.

More Calcium: As our bodies age, we need additional calcium. Calcium, combined with magnesium and vitamin D will assist in keeping our bones strong and to ward off osteoporosis.

Healthy Diet: Yes, this is a given, but it becomes more important for health as we age. Less red meat, more fresh fruits and vegetables and smaller meals is the key.

Organic and cold-press created skin and hair care products: Avoid using the over-the-counter skin and hair care products that contain synthetic chemicals. This may require that you visit your health store, but more big box chains are carrying these products.

Exercise and attitude: This is a two-in-one punch but is very important. You need to keep your system strong through exercise; even walking can benefit and allow the body to process everything normally. A positive personal attitude means no whining. Give up the negativity, even when it seems to be the toughest one to follow through on. You will be surprised at how much this will keep you young at heart

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