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Acne Problem and Social Life

Skin and Society

  • Acne breakouts – something we all experience because acne and hormones are directly related and, of course, we all have hormones
  • Thankfully, many acne care products are available to help us deal with this most common and most troublesome skin care issue

Skin problems are very common these days for adults as much as pubescent teens. Bad skin refers to a complexion with eruptions and blemishes. Some of the most common skin problems are acne, pimples, dandruff and blackheads. In today’s aesthetically obsessed society, these kinds of things can embarrass anyone.

Recently, studies revealed that skin problems are a major source of modern insecurity. A series of social implications is associated with the symptoms mentioned above. They include:

• Social withdrawal.
• Lack of self-confidence.
• Lack of self-esteem.
• Embarrassment.
• Depression.
• Anger.
• Preoccupation.
• Frustration.
• Unemployment.

These issues may seem irrelevant, or even melodramatic, when compared with the cause, but it’s true in most of the cases.

A person with bad skin tends to withdraw him/her self from the social world so as to hide the supposed ugliness of their appearance. First time introductions and other social situations can be awkward enough without so much emphasis put on the look of the face. It’s a shame that blemishes can affect a person’s confidence so intensely. In turn, a drop in confidence can easily bleed over to a setback at work or school.

Teenagers can be brutal to kids with acne. They tease and humiliate based on a set of conditioned aesthetic principles. This breeds anger and depression, which can be very dangerous in a school environment. Depression can further lead to lethargy, loss of appetite, moodswings, behavioral problems, wakefulness and even violence.

As for adults, it often becomes difficult for a person with skin problems to get a job. This may seem like an exaggeration, but it truly plays some role. Many organizations are concerned about the looks of their employees. This puts so much pressure on people with noticable acne or dandruff. It also makes them feel insecure about their position in the company.

Bad skin problems can be treated with proper care. There’s nothing to feel weary about it. Check your diet and go to a dermatologist if needed. It can be a gradual process. Don’t let your skin ruin your social life.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

One Response to “Acne Problem and Social Life”

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    Amy Says:
    Unfortunately some people just have worse acne than others. It's important that we find ways to bolster friends and family members who suffer from severe acne and let them know that their looks are not the only thing we love about them.