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Best Organic Acne Remedy

If you are looking for an acne remedy, there are organic products which can treat this condition without any harmful side effects or harsh drying chemicals. This is true whether you suffer from cystic acne or you are just looking for an to minimize the redness and blotchy areas of your skin. One organic acne remedy involves olive oil and castor oil, but make sure to use an organic version of both. Oils which are not organic can contain chemicals that irritate the skin. Combine one half teaspoon of the organic olive oil together with one fourth of a teaspoon of organic castor oil, and then massage this into your skin. Place a cloth soaked in hot water over the oil area after wringing it out. After cooling, use the cloth to wipe off excess oil. This has been used as an acne remedy to clean and restore skin since ancient times.

One effective organic acne remedy is tea tree oil. This can be a great choice for any type of acne, including cystic acne. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial, so it kills germs on your skin before they can cause problems. Organic aloe vera gel is another acne remedy, and this works well as an acne redness treatment as well. Aloe cools, soothes, and promotes healing, eliminating irritation and redness. No matter which organic treatment you choose, there is a choice other than drying chemicals and harsh products. You can have beautiful skin naturally, using organic products.

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    Marlene Says:
    Are natural remedies for acne just as effective as the chemical ones sold over the counter? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?