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Acne Vulgaris Treatment and Symptoms

Acne Vulgaris, commonly just called acne, is a condition of your skin where your pores become clogged up from natural body oils and dead skin cells. This condition ranges from very mild to very severe, and is responsible for most cases of teenage acne. This is because during the teenage years hormones increase, and so does the production of sweat and body oils. Treatment for adult acne may require a different acne remedy than teenage acne, because older skin is not as resilient and may react to harsher drying chemicals and treatments. Acne Vulgaris can cause you to develop pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, or a combination of these symptoms, and they can occur anywhere. The most common breakout spots are the face, chest, back, neck, and shoulders.

Whether you suffer from acne vulgaris and are a teenager or you are looking for a treatment for adult acne, there is an acne remedy that can help. The first step is to keep your skin clean and this will prevent the clogged pores before acne can even start. Do not scrub your skin when you wash, because this can cause irritation which leads to breakouts and cause scarring if pimples are present. If this step does not resolve your condition then you can buy a cream that has salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide and there is no prescription needed for some strengths. Once you start a product, stick with it for at least a month and a half to see if you get results. Some products may cause extreme skin dryness, and if this happens you may want to switch products to avoid skin irritation or damage.

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    Jenna Says:
    Are there any treatments for acne that are more natural? I prefer not to use anything on my face that has ingredients I can't pronounce.