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5 Addictions You Might not Know You Have

We are all familiar with the term addiction and usually relate it to drug, alcohol or any of the substance abuse areas. But scientists are recognizing that we also have another level of addiction that is referred to as behavioral addiction. These are typically behaviors that exhibit the same obsessive compulsive aspect of substance abuse, or, in other words, things that we can’t stop doing. Here are just five of those addictions that you may not know you have:


Being a workaholic: While the term has been overused, we typically assume it relates to those that work a lot of hours for their profession. The true addiction is that workaholics will find reasons to continue to work, even if there weren’t any reasons to begin with. It is an obsession with their work. It’s also a frame of mind and does not relate to the number of hours that you work. It becomes who you are and what you think about. This addiction, like others, can reflect negatively on all aspects of your life: relationships and you health. Part of the problem with workaholics is that they are often reinforced or supported by family members, co-workers and even bosses. This in turn, nurtures the addiction.

The internet: We have become a society of the plugged-in and this seems to have crossed the line from professional and hobby to addiction. There are people that cannot be away from a source of the internet, and that has become quite a bit easier with the addition of smart phones into our lives. The internet is often the mainstay for play, social events and even family. Social media keeps us plugged in and in communication with people at all hours of the day or night and in almost every country.

Our many daily cups of caffeine: Coffee has been altered from just an enjoyable beverage to an elevated status symbol. With this elevation, comes the requirement to drink more and more. What once was just a hot morning drink to wake you up is not available in an array of hot and cold choices from some of the finest retail establishments around. (which, also usually offer internet wifi) Even if you have limited yourself to just a single cup per day, what happens when you miss that drink? Do you experience a headache? Are you lethargic? This is a sign of addiction.

TV: Our mom and dads were probably right when they limited the amount of we watched. Today we have hundreds of channels with a variety of specialized programs and we are taking full advantage of it. A survey showed that many people use watching television as a way to eliminate their stress. The problem with this is that it can be a form of self-medication and become addictive.
Admit it, you are addicted to love: Yes, that was a great song from the 80’s, but there are some people that are addicted to everything that happens in the body, when they are in love. The process is quite an astounding one, and includes the release of endorphins (the body’s feel good chemicals). This, in turn, makes people want to continue to be in love, however, sometimes that can also change to obsessive and possessive behavior. As many as 5-10% of the population admits to love addiction.

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