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4 Positive Effects of Astragalus Extract on Immune System


  • Considering that the immune system is our defense system against just about everything, immune system health should be of the utmost importance
  • Boost your immune system with astragalus
  • Healthy immune function starts with healthy immune system knowledge and understanding

Astragalus extract is a well known home remedy that can have a number of positive effects on your immune system. The astragalus herb has been widely used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, and is well known for the effects this herb can have with your immune system. There are many ways that this herb can be taken, including extract form and astragalus tea. Many of these effects have been proven, and can provide benefits in many areas, including your immune system.

1. Helps with Stimulation of White Blood Cells

The first immune system benefit that the astragalus herb can provide is the stimulation of the white blood cells, making your body better prepared to fight off any invaders. This herb contains polysaccharides, and these compounds have two distinct benefits. The production of white blood cells are stimulated and the T cell activity is increased. This means that your immune system creates more immune cells and makes them act more aggressively to defend your systems. These results from taking astragalus extract or drinking astragalus do not go away quickly either. Studies have shown that this herb can boost your immune system cells for up to three days after the herb is taken. This can be very helpful for many people, especially patients undergoing chemotherapy which reduces their natural immunities.

2. Boosts Number of Stem Cells, Bone Marrow, and Lymph Tissues

Another benefit to your immune system from the astragalus herb concerns your stem cells, bone marrow, and lymph tissues. Stem cells have the ability to change into many different types of cells. Using astragalus regularly can help to boost the number of stem cells that are available. The herb also helps to stimulate these stem cells so that they mature into immune cells that are strong and active. This means a much healthier immune system which not only can fight off any threats but also keep a high level of active mature stem cells ready to join in.

3. Helps to Stimulate Your Spleen

The third benefit that you can see from drinking astragalus tea or taking astragalus extract has to do with your spleen. This herb helps to stimulate your spleen, so there is increased activity. Your spleen is one of the natural filters for your system, and helps to remove toxins and other materials which can be harmful. Taking the astragalus herb can keep your spleen healthy and actively at work filtering your body. This is important to prevent ill health and a healthy body and immune system. Without an actively working spleen, toxins and other harmful components can build up in your system and cause many medical problems.

4. Boosts Production of Messenger Molecules for Hormones

Another terrific benefit of the astragalus herb that concerns your immune system is a boost to the production of messenger molecules for hormones. These messenger molecules are critical, because they are needed to send a signal to your immune system, and other bodily systems, that a virus or bacteria is present and needs to be destroyed. Drinking astragalus tea or taking the extract can help keep your body fit, with an appropriate amount of messenger molecules needed for hormone production to keep your immune system in great shape and working at high efficiency.

Astragalus herb can offer a number of great benefits to your immune system and your health. This herb has been widely used in China because of these health benefits. Studies on human subjects have not been done in large numbers due to the fact that this herb has only been used in the western world for a decade or two, but a number of animal studies and a long history of use in humans in other parts of the world have shown that this herb is safe and effective when used properly.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

One Response to “4 Positive Effects of Astragalus Extract on Immune System”

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    Jenna Says:
    I started taking astragalus about three years ago to help boost my immune system and I swear by it. It has really helped me feel better and I haven't had a cold in about two years.