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7 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper Spice

Cayenne Pepper

  • The benefits of cayenne pepper are numerous
  • It’s great fro reducing inflammation
  • It also helps boost immune system function
  • And works as a natural skin care treatment

Cayenne pepper spice has many different health benefits. The cayenne herb has been used by many civilizations and cultures through history as a medical treatment for a number of ailments and conditions. It can be used in dried and powdered form, and as dried flakes. It can also be added as a key ingredient to a variety of hot sauces.

1. Cayenne Pepper for Pain Relief

Cayenne pepper spice has been proven to provide natural pain relief, even in cases of arthritis and other chronic pain conditions. This herb can also cause headache pain to go away and eliminate nerve pain. The ingredient responsible is capsaicin, and this substance helps eliminate the pain impulse over time. The cayenne herb can work for any type of pain, and can be found in creams that can be rubbed into the skin too.

2. Cayenne Pepper for Inflammation Reduction
Curing with cayenne can work for swelling and inflammation. This effect is also caused by the capsaicin in the pepper. Capsaicin works as a substance P inhibitor, preventing substance P from causing inflammation in your body. This is a great treatment if you suffer from arthritis, bursitis, or other chronic inflammation conditions. Because Cayenne pepper spice stops inflammation, you can go about your daily routine with no stiffness or difficulties.

3. Cayenne Pepper for Skin Care
The cayenne herb can help you have great looking healthy skin. This herb can eliminate disfiguring skin conditions like psoriasis, and make your skin glow with health. Cayenne stimulates blood flow to the skin, allowing needed nutrients and oxygen to reach these cells and provide building blocks for healthy skin. Dry skin that flakes, peels, and turns red will no longer be a problem. Curing with cayenne can stop skin disorders and give you gorgeous skin. Clinical trials have shown that topical creams containing capsaicin can improve skin conditions in a short time.

4. Cayenne Pepper for Cardiovascular Health
Cayenne pepper spice is a great treatment for your cardiovascular system. This herb has been shown to regulate your blood pressure, whether it is high or low, and keep your heart healthy. Cayenne can lower your cholesterol, and keep clots from forming which may lead to a heart attack or stroke. Cultures which have high amounts of cayenne herb in their also have much lower rates for cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

5. Cayenne Pepper for Immune System Health
Cayenne peppers are full of beta carotene and other antioxidants and immune boosters. This herb helps build healthy tissues in the mucous membranes of the body, and these membranes are the first defense against invaders like bacteria and viruses. Healthy mucous membranes are part of a healthy immune system, because the more microbes these membranes trap, the fewer pathogens make it into your body.

6. Cayenne Pepper for Healthy Weight Loss
Cayenne pepper spice has many medical benefits, and it also has another advantage. This herb can help you lose weight. Studies have shown that this happens because the cayenne herb resets your metabolism to a higher temperature, so more calories are burned for a few hours after you eat it. This can result in weight loss with no change in habits or exercise. Your body will also use more oxygen during this time, and this also burns more calories.

7. Cayenne Pepper to Prevent Stomach Ulcers
Ulcers can be prevented or treated by using the cayenne herb. Cayenne peppers will kill off any bacteria that has managed to get to your digestive tract, but they also stimulate stomach mucous which helps to protect the stomach lining from the acid. Eating cayenne herb regularly not only does not cause an ulcer but can prevent one.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Jennifer Says:
    You mention that cayenne pepper is good for skin care. But how, exactly? I mean, does it come in a cream, a tablet, a supplement? How would I apply it to improve dry skin?