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3 Ways Supplement Companies are Killing You

Every day millions of people trust supplement companies to provide high quality products that are true to label and are created using good manufacturing practices. The dietary supplement industry is a 20 billion dollar business, yet lacks any serious form of regulation. In 1994, congress passed legislation to deregulate supplements. While there are plenty of reputable companies on the market, there are many more that pose a serious threat to consumers. Below are 3 ways supplement companies are killing you with their products.

3 Ways Supplement Companies are Killing You

1) False Labels
When you pick up any food or supplement you hope you can trust that the labels are accurate. Sure there are loopholes, but you at least assume it is close to correct. The truth is that many labels are inaccurate. This can be dangerous, especially if you have a food allergy that is conveniently not listed on the label. Ingredients are intentionally omitted and nutritional facts can be off. Some protein powders do not even contain the protein quantity they purport to have in them. If you cannot trust the label then how do you know its safe?

2) Fake Ingredients
Not only do companies mislabel products, some even list chemical compounds that scientifically do not exist. Bio-Engineered Sports Nutrition (BSN) settled a class-action law suit filed in 2007 that declared Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate as a non-existent substance that could not exist and does not exist in their product Cellmass. When major sports supplement companies come under the spotlight, can you image what is being manufactured by smaller ones?

3) Private Labeling
Most supplement companies do not manufacture their own product. They often with manufacturers who are never listed. That means that one supplements company gets busted its just as easy to create the same product under a different name. These days every store has their own line of products, therefore its important to know who is making not who is labeling it.

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